Margarine Unie

Naamloze Vennootschap Margarine Unie (English: Margarine Union Limited) was a Dutch company formed in 1927 in Rotterdam by the merger of four margarine companies, Antoon Jurgens United, Van den Bergh's, Centra, and Schicht's.[1] Two large companies, Jurgens and Van den Bergh, were founded in 1872, in the town of Oss, Netherlands.[2] The two companies began profit sharing in 1908.[2] Schicht was founded by Georg Schicht whose son Johann Schicht was a German Bohemian entrepreneur and owner of a large soap-making plant. Margarine Unie operated until 1930 when it merged with the British company Lever Brothers, to form the multinational Unilever.[3]

Margarine Union Ltd
Native name
Naamloze Vennootschap Margarine Unie
FateMerged with Lever Brothers
PredecessorsAntoon Jurgens United
Van den Bergh's
Founded1927 (1927) in Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Defunct1930 (1930)

In 1927, two companies were formed to acquire the interests of Van den Bergh in England (Margarine Union Limited) and those of Van den Bergh and Jurgens in Netherlands (N.V. Margarine Unie). The aggregate shares of the Netherland-based firm was larger but both companies were set up in an agreement that the benefits to the shareholders where the same as if it was a single company.[4]



Antoon Jurgens United (Margarine) Works was founded in 1867 by the Jurgens family, who had been in the trade since 1801. The company introduced its manufactured margarine after acquiring patents right to Mège-Mouriès' invention in 1871. The firm along with Van den Bergh were the two largest producers of margarine in The Netherlands. In 1908, Jurgens production was 50,000 tons, the same year it formed an alliance with his rivals and both firms merged in November 1927.[5]


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