Margaret, Countess of Blois

Margaret of Blois (French: Marguerite; died 1230) was suo jure Countess of Blois from 1218 to 1230, in what is now France.

Margaret of Blois
Seal of Margaret of Blois
Bornc. 1170
Died12 July 1230 (aged 5960)
Noble familyHouse of Blois
Spouse(s)Hugh of Oisy
Otto I, Count of Burgundy
Walter of Avesnes
FatherTheobald V, Count of Blois
MotherAlix of France


She was daughter of Theobald V of Blois and Alix of France.[1]

Margaret married three times. Her first marriage was to Hugh of Oisy, Lord of Montmirail.[1] Her second husband was Otto I, Count of Burgundy,[1] with whom she had two daughters:

Finally, she married Walter II of Avesnes,[2] they had:


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Margaret, Countess of Blois
Born: c.1170 Died: 12 July 1230
Preceded by
Theobald VI
Countess of Blois
Succeeded by
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