Marcus Arrecinus Clemens (prefect 38)

Marcus Arrecinus Clemens (fl 1st century) was a prefect of the Roman imperial bodyguard, known as the Praetorian Guard.

Marcus Arrecinus Clemens
Bornfirst half of the 1st century
AllegianceRoman Empire
Years of service38 41
RankPraetorian prefect
Commands heldPraetorian Guard

Born in Pisaurum, Italy, Clemens came from obscure origins and according to the historian Suetonius, his family were of Equestrian rank. He was the son of Arrecinus and wife Tertulla.

His wife is usually identified as Julia, the sister of Julius Lupus; Clemens' sister was Arrecina Clementina, also born in Pisaurum, Italy, c. 12, who became the wife of Titus Flavius Sabinus.[1] His children were Marcus Arrecinus Clemens and Arrecina Tertulla, who became the first wife of the future Emperor Titus. [2] There is a possibility that Clemens was related to the paternal side of Vespasian's family. Vespasian's paternal grandmother bore the cognomen Tertulla and this cognomen was also borne by both his daughter and his mother.

Clemens served as prefect in the reign of Emperor Caligula, from 38 until 41, which he had honourably commanded. On 27 January 41, however, he became one of his Emperor's murderers, also taking part in the murder of the Empress Caesonia and their daughter, as well as in the proclamation of the next Emperor Claudius.


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Government offices
Preceded by
Naevius Sutorius Macro
Praetorian prefect
with Lucius Arruntius Stella
Succeeded by
Rufrius Pollio,
and Catonius Justus
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