Marcella (Giordano)

Marcella is a 1907 opera by Umberto Giordano.[1][2]


  • Marcella, DVD filmed at the Palazzo Ducale, Martina Franca, Italy, 4–6 August 2007, as part of the 33rd Festival of the Valle d'Itria, Serena Daolio, Danilo Formaggia, Pierluigi Dilengite, Natalizia Carone, Angelica Girardi, Mara D’Antini, Maria Rosa Rondinelli, Marcello Rosiello, Giovanni Coletta & Graziano De Pace Orchestra Internazionale d’Italia & Slovak Chamber Choir, Manlio Benzi (conductor) & Alessio Pizzech (director). Dynamic


  1. Alfred Bates, James Penny Boyd Drama and Opera: The opera - 1909 p295 "Siberia was given with success in Paris in 1905, when it produced something of a sensation. His latest opera, Marcella, was produced in 1907 at Milan. Giordano is at present reported to be at work on The ,Festival of the Nile, the libretto for "
  2. Burton D. Fisher Giordano's Andrea Chénier 1102009032 2005 Page 22 "But suddenly Giordano's fortunes began their decline: Marcella (1907), a story of love and renunciation caused by class barriers, failed, as did Mese Mariano (1910), whose plot uncannily anticipated Puccini's Suor Angelica."
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