The Marimanindji are an indigenous Australian tribe of the Northern territory. Little is known of them.


The anthropologist "Bill" Stanner thought that other attested tribal names, Maritjamiri and Mangikurungu, properly belonged to the Marinmanindji.[1] Norman Tindale noted a similarity between their name and that of the Nanggikorongo also identified in this area, but did not draw any conclusion, since adequate material to clarify the overlap was not available.[2]


Marimanindji was a dialect within the Marrithiyel language cluster and is now virtually extinct.[3]


Marimanindji ranged to the south of Hermit Hill, in the central Daly River area.[2] Later work indicated that they resided south of both the Daly and Darwin rivers, to the west, and near the headwaters of the Muldiva river.[3]


They are generally grouped as one of the Marrithiyal As of 2005 it was believed that the Marimanindji remnant had been reduced to 10 people.[3]

Alternative names

  • Maramanandji.
  • Maramarandji.
  • Marimanindu.
  • Marramaninjsji.
  • Marramaninyshi.
  • Murinmanindji.[3]




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