Maraca pie

Maraca pie, also known as devil's rice pie, is a Floridian dessert pie made from sticky rice pudding and bananas inside a pastry base. Some versions of the recipe also include various different spices or fruits. It was created in 1957 by the Moline brothers of Tallahassee, Berham and Jackson.

Maraca pie
Alternative namesDevil's rice pie
Place of originUnited States
Region or stateTallahassee, Florida
Created byBerham and Jackson Moline
Main ingredientspastry base, sticky rice pudding, bananas, cinnamon
VariationsSome recipes call for the inclusion of nutmeg, lime, mango, or apple

Its name derives from the shape of the bakery's first tin, which was bent out of shape after Jackson dropped it onto the floor, giving it a shape reminiscent of a maraca.[1] Because of this, bakeries around the city sell this pie for quinceañeras.[1]

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