Manuel Komroff

Manuel Komroff (September 7, 1890 10 December 1974) was an American playwright, screenwriter, novelist, editor and translator. He was born in New York where he began his working life as a journalist. He also spent some time in Russia during the Russian revolution.

Marco Polo

One of his most successful publications was his edited version of The Travels of Marco Polo, first published in 1926.[1] He not only added a chapter which was missing in the William Marsden translation, but also revised bits in the Henry Yule editions.[2]





There is a large 48x31" portrait of a 24-year-old, foppish Komroff, dated 1914 by Leon Kroll in the Portland Museum of Art ( Maine). Komroff is standing indoors, 3/4 view (to the knees), dressed to go outside. He's holding a large portfolio of papers in his right hand.


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