Mansfield Park (1983 TV serial)

Mansfield Park is a 1983 British television drama serial, made by the BBC, and adapted from Jane Austen's novel of the same name, originally published in 1814. The serial was the first screen adaptation of the novel. Contrary to Patricia Rozema's 1999 film, it is faithful to Jane Austen's novel. Jonny Lee Miller, who has a small role as Charles Price in this serial, played Edmund Bertram in Rozema's adaptation.

Mansfield Park
Based onNovel by Jane Austen
Written byKenneth Taylor
Directed byDavid Giles
Composer(s)Derek Bourgeois
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original language(s)English
No. of series1
No. of episodes6
Producer(s)Betty Willingale
Running time49-51 minutes
Production company(s)Lionheart Television International
Original networkBBC2
Original release6 November (1983-11-06) 
11 December 1983 (1983-12-11)

Set, like all her novels, in contemporary England, Jane Austen's tale of virtue and vice tells of young and impoverished Fanny Price who arrives at the elegant country estate of her uncle, Sir Thomas Bertram. Snubbed by everyone except her cousin Edmund, Fanny begins her long struggle for acceptance by her shallow relatives, who believe wealth automatically means quality. When Fanny finally wins the respect of her snobbish relatives, she incurs the displeasure of her uncle by rejecting the handsome philanderer Henry Crawford because she sees through Crawford's veneer and is unwilling to marry such an unprincipled man.



  • Derek Bourgeois – Composed and conducted music
  • Marion McDougall, Anthony Smith – Production Managers
  • Sheelagh Reese – Production Associate
  • Yvonne Collins, Sally Dean – Production Assistants
  • David Mason, Paul Carney – Assistant Floor Managers
  • Peter Netley – Graphic Designer
  • Sally Clements – Properties Buyer
  • Roger Neal – Vision Control Supervisor
  • John Barclay – Vision Mixer
  • Trevor Wimlett, Chris Wickham – Cameramen
  • Geoff Higgs – Engineering Manager
  • Stan Pow – Video-take Editor
  • Daphne Croker – Makeup Designer
  • Ian Adley – Costume Designer
  • Robin Luxford – Sound
  • Bert Robinson – Lighting
  • John Bone – Designer
  • Betty Willingale – Producer
  • David Giles – Director
  • John and Mary Holmes – Trained Pug
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