Mano Ya Na Mano (2006 TV series)

Mano Ya Na Mano (English: Believe It or Not) is a reality show based on real incidents took place in various places in India.[2][3]

Mano Ya Na Mano
Written by
  • Ratneshwar K Singh(Season 1)
  • Yogesh Raut(Season 1)
  • Nitin Keswani(Season 2)
  • Smita Nair Jain(Season 1)[1]
Directed byAntara Kak(Season 1)
Yogesh Raut(Season 1)
Ravi Davala(Season 1)
Rajesh Ranshinge(Season 2)
Presented byIrrfan Khan(Season 1)
Mishal Raheja(Season 2)
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes102
Producer(s)Siddharth Kak
CinematographyAnil C J(Season 1)
Gajendra Dangwal(Season 1)
Chandan Goswami(Season 1)
Neha Parti(Season 1)
Production company(s)Cinema Vision India
Original networkSTAR One
Picture format480i
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Season 1 (2006)

No. # Title
11"Future prediction and Incarnation of Lord Hanuman"
First story is of Amba; when she was 14 years old, she had gifted a self-written poem to her father, wherein she predicted her death at the age of 21; this poem turned out to be true, and she died at 21. The second story is of Chennai's Washer man, a great believer of lord 'Hanuman', whose prayers for sons like 'Pawan Putra' came true and he was blessed with three sons, looking like troglodyte. These three brothers were taken care of by their elder brother Murugeshan and his wife Murugeshwari.
22"The story of Captain Saini and Sudama"
First story is of Captain K. K. Saini, when he was dejected with his life and conduct, his father followed the path of 'Bhrigu Samhita', with the help of which Mr. Saini was able to know his past, present and future. In Second Story, Sudhama went missing in forest; even after many efforts, his parents and brother Abhay weren't able to find him. 12 years later, Sudhama was found as a wolf boy in the nearby forest. With the help of his family, Sudhama is trying to live like a normal human being.
33"Mystery of Bhangarh and jackals who feed on holy offering"
Irrfan Khan talks about Bhangarh and Ajabgarh located in Rajasthan. These locations are abandoned and not safe to stay after dusk. It is believed that Bhangarh was cursed by a dying magician. He cursed the palace and all its inhabitants with death. Irrfan Khan mentions a temple in the desert of Kutch where jackals first eat the holy offering. The narrator informs about Gurudutt's glory and the Jackal's devotion. The villagers follow this devotion before any good deed.
44"Anthony bungalow in Gujarat forest"
Irrfan Khan narrates about a palace located in the jungles of Gujarat. During the British rule, an officer had tried to molest a dancer, to save her honour, she jumped from the palace and died. People believe that the dancer's soul haunts the palace. In the second part of the show the narrator describes Thaipusam festival in which the devotees follow a practice of putting a rod through their tongue and cheeks to get their wishes fulfilled.
55"Tarot card reading and Baba Kamar Ali Darwesh"
Irrfan Khan talks about tarot cards. Dr. Roopa Patel discusses the accuracy of tarot card reading. A judge believed in tarot card prediction and experienced its accuracy at the time of his operation. A girl who lost her mother years ago found her back with the help of tarot cards. Baba Kamarali Durvesh is well known for rescuing villagers from a demon. He captured the demon in a stone. The particular stone can be lifted only with a collective effort of eleven men and chanting Baba's name.
66"Temple of Chowdeshwari and the explanation of dreams"
Irrfan Khan talks about magical writing where people write through an unknown force. Chowdeshwari temple is located in a small village called Dasarighatta, where it is believed that various mysteries of life are solved. Chowdeshwari Devi answers her devotees' queries by writing on rice flour. In second half of the show, Irrfan talks about dreams. Monica Drego, Mahrukh Kama and Srishti Vaswani shared their dreams. Francis Menezes speaks about dreams and its relation with one's life.
77"Ajjya River in Karnataka"
Irrfan Khan narrates about Ajjayya River in Karnataka where it is believed that possessing spirits release the host body. Later he narrates about Renuka and Chetan, who were possessed by spirits. The second half of the show describes the story of Fosten, who finds an ancient Portuguese coin in a fish and starts researching about a ship wreck, resulting in the discovery of a ship that sank four hundred years ago.
88"Dwarika palace is still immersed in the ocean"
Irrfan Khan talks about the Dwaraka. Dr. S.R. Rao, a marine archaeologist, points out that according to the Mahabharat epic, Dwaraka palace is under the ocean. According to marine archaeologists the town under the ocean may be a port and not Dwaraka palace. In second part the narrator describes about Pir Shah Wilayat Dargah in Moradabad, where non-poisonous scorpions dwell.
99"Past life regression therapy"
Irrfan Khan narrates about past life regression therapy. Indira, who was tormented by her husband, meets Dr. Yuvraj Kapadia and gets helped by past-life regression therapy. Later, Irrfan Khan talks about snakes. In a village called Jalna in Maharashtra Abdul Jabbar and Gousiya Begum's sons look like snakes. In past Abdul Jabbar had killed a pregnant snake on his way to work. His sons born since the incident look like a snake.
1010"Crystal ball reading"
Irrfan narrates about crystal ball. Meher found her lost jewellery with the help of Lara Shah, a holistic healer. Lara Shah explains about the concentration, power and confidence of the mind. In the second part of the show the narrator talks about super natural holidays. In South India there is a place where a lantern is continuously burning without oil since past twenty seven years as well as a pond which responds to your claps.
1111"Nadi Shastra"
Irrfan Khan talks about Naadi Shastra. Malati Subhramanyan explains about Naadi Shastra. Maria and Rahul got separated due to few misunderstandings for which Maria seeks Naadi Shastra's help and is now happy in her life. Only the date of birth and thumb impression is required for Naadi Shastra. In the second part Bhuvan suffers from illusions of a place named Lonar and he decides to explore it.
1212"Karalmanna villagers were worried"
Irrfan Khan discusses Tantya Mama's story. Tantya Mama was famous for his bravery and was also a magician who tricked British officers. In the second part Irrfan Khan talks about a human's footprints larger than elephant's footprints. S.R. Krishna Swamy along with N.S. Rangraju decide to explore the big footprint. In Karalmanna the villagers with the help of a priest found a "Shivling" in a cave.
1313"Jayanti Bhai and the mystery of St. Francis Xavier"
Irrfan Khan speaks about a person named Jayanti Bhai who experienced a miracle. After the death he observed a miraculous light and was back to life. He has the power to communicate with animals. Jayanti is famous for his Ayurveda treatment and healing touch. There is a mystery behind his miraculous power. Later the narrator discusses a four- hundred and fifty-year-old, St. Francis Xavier's body that still remains undeteriorated in a church in Goa.
1414"Lord Shani's temple in Shingadapur"
Irrfan Khan talks about a village in Maharashtra where people do not use locks. In Shingnapur, people have never witnessed theft. In the second part, Irrfan Khan narrates about an incident in Susner, Madhya Pradesh. A young boy named Kanhaiya recollects about his previous birth and calls himself Sanjay. Later, Dr. Kirti Swaroop Rawat proves it as a case of rebirth. Kanhaiya lives with both the past and the present family.
1515"Ramayana and the mystery behind Abhaykumar Deora's life"
Irrfan Khan talks about the belief of people, in existence of the miraculous power of Panchvati in Nashik. Setu connecting India and Sri Lanka prove the events of Ramayana. Irrfan Khan talks about the mystery relating to Abhaykumar Deora. He is surviving without food since five years. Dr. Chandrudutt Havaldar says that Deora's organs have been normal even after fasting for a long duration. If it is possible to survive on yoga, without consuming food and water is still a mystery.
1616"The mysterious bangle and the attachment with wild animals"
Suchitra found a mysterious bangle in Kaveri River which changed her life. On visiting Talkad she found that the places and people are similar to those in her dreams. Some priests mention that the bangle belongs to the queen of ancient time. Suchitra throws the bangle back into the river. Irrfan Khan informs the viewers about Dr. Prakash Amte of Maharashtra, who has a special attachment with wild animals. The wild animals never harm him and understand his language of love.
1717"Power of Aura Therapy and mystery behind Champaner"
Irrfan Khan talks about Aura therapy. Geeta Thakkar explains about Aura therapy. The doctors treated Sapna with the help of Rudraksh, crystal and Reiki. Presently, Sapna is in good health. The narrator talks about the city Champaner located in Gujarat which was once known as the land of Gods. But now it is a haunted place. Sonal Mithal Modi mentions that the land of Champaner was cursed by Bhadra. Stories of deserted Champaner are still a mystery.
1818"Auto writing techniques"
Irrfan Khan talks about Auto Writing which is a method of communicating with the spirits. Kashmira Elavia ( Prof. Kashmira K Elavia) communicates with dead souls after her young daughter died. Jamsheed Vachha and Nan Umrigar share their experiences about auto writing. In the second part of the show Irrfan Khan narrates the history of Himalayas and the research conducted. Zamaan Ali shares his experience about "Yeti". Existence of Yeti is still a mystery.
1919"Dowsing Therapy and mystery of the queen of Georgia"
Mukesh lost his brother whom he pampered after his parents' death. Mukesh has come from Allahabad to Mumbai in search of his brother Rakesh. Rakesh has a dream to work in films due to which he got into an argument with Mukesh and left him. Mukesh thought he will return after sometime but he didn't. Mukesh reaches dowsing and Pyramid Therapist to get the help. Queen Ketevan was kept in prison for 10 long years by King Shah Abbas. Queen Ketevan was killed brutally. Queen Ketevan is praised by Georgia people.
2020"Touch and Vibration therapy"
It's not necessary that every illness is cured by medicine. Mulkraj had seen his exam result in dream. One day during meditation, Mulkraj Das sees a yellow light that time he thought he had lost his eye. He felt some kind of change in himself. His touch has cured his friend's knee pain which he had for long years. After that he came back to India to treat every pain through his touch therapy. Raj Rao wished to work in foreign which bring him to visit Visa Balaji situated in Hyderabad.
2121"Thug community and Future prediction"
During 1830 A.D Fraud tribe used to kill people and steal all their belongings. They used to meet on Dushera and on that day they used to initiate new members into the cult who may be as young as 15 or 16 years old. Col.W.H Sleeman used to declare their death statement. Mrs. Nawal Gani predicts through coffee cup reading. Manoj meets her to get help to search for his friend Prakash.
2222"Bringing rain and Healing by painting"
Mellur village which is situated near Madurai in Tamil Nadu gets no rain because of absence of clouds. People pray for rain. Balakrishnan a normal man brings rain through his prayer to quench the thirsty in the land. He absorbs heat from land to form clouds for rain. Yogini solves people's problem through painting. Ronney Gracious had lost everything in his business which had disturbed his personal life too. He met Yogini in exhibition. He was surprised to learn about her painting.
In a reputed hospital in Delhi a baby girl Pawani was battling for her life February 2005. She was dependent on dialysis. Pawani's parents met Yogi Ashwini Ji for their daughter. He advised to remove the dialysis machine which could save her. Tapsya Singh with her sixth sense can communicate with the spirits and angels. Mukesh a resident of Kankavati in Gujarat says his day starts in search of Lizard to eat. He is more poisonous than a Lizard.
Numerology was invented in India. It was introduced to the West by an Irish educated Cheiro after learning numerology from India. Meenakshi was in search of her fortune in films but met disappointment. Nisha advise her to meet numerologist Neeraj Mancchanda which changed her life. There are rats worshiped with Goddess in Karni Mata Temple situated at Rajasthan. Chaitanya's parents reach Karni mata's temple for Chaitanya's life. Karni Mata was born after 21 months in her mother's womb.
2525"Human with a tail"
Irrfan Khan asks questions about monkey man and he introduces us to Chandre with a tail. Chandre is a disciple and he looks like lord Hanuman. In other part Irrfan Khan tells us about 500-year old coffin in which a person is buried alive as a punishment. The villagers were asked to hit the coffin five times when they pass by.
2626"Snake Mano from Chennai and mystic powers of gems"
Irrfan Khan introduces us to Maano a snake charmer and explains us about his past experience. Maano as a normal fearless human being catches poisonous snakes. In second part Irrfan explores the secrets of birth stones and explains us about Khabir's experiences with birthstones in a relationship with Kavya.
2727"Predcting Future"
Irrfan Khan tries to reveals secrets about death and saadhus and introduces us to a new place where after burning a dead body in front of the temple, temple authorities will start with pooja. In other half he explains about a marble with some personal experiences of locals who have come across the solution which is got from particular Praveen's marble.
2828"Tarot cards"
Irrfan Khan explains us about Kishore and his past experiences with goddess, where goddess asks him to do some miracles that is taking out puris from boilng oil. In the other part, he introduces us to Sherin who is madly in love but later becomes abnormal, and he tells us the features of tarot cards and its solutions.
2929"Subconscious mind"
Irrfan Khan explains the subconscious mind. Dr. Sharma explains the positive and negative importance of subconscious mind. A person cures his disease from his subconscious mind. In a well filled with water which cures diseases in Railgaon, this water is being used by entire village.
3030"Kalaripayattu and Marma therapy"
Irrfan Khan gives information about Kalaripayattu's positive and negative effects on humans. In olden days kings were using this technique to fight with their enemy. In other half he gives information about a temple in Himalaya in which a small fire has been burning from hundreds of years.
3131"Magneto Therapy"
Irrfan Khan explains the importance of magnet and its power. Maya suffers from blood sugar and it becomes a reason for breaking relationship. Maya takes magnetic therapy treatment for increase in blood sugar levels. In second half Irrfan tells us about a tree filled with invisible soul in Kerala which is been tied with big chains grows beyond its limits.
3232"Mass Hysteria and Face Reading"
Irrfan Khan informs about a soldier who died mysteriously, with evidence to some situations Indian army believes that he is alive and is given some amenities. In the other half, he tells us about Mony Singh and the science of body features.
3333"Electric body and Hypnotism"
Irrfan Khan tells about a person, whose body is filled with electric current. Mohan shares his past experience with electric current. In second half he gives us information about hypnotism. Acharya as a hypnotist shares his experiences. Dr. Rajeev talks about affects which come under hypnotism.
3434"Pyare Babu curing Gall bladder stones using mystic power"
Irrfan Khan tells about an operation in which a person doesn't have to use knife. Pyare babu cures patients from kidney stones. And shares his past experiences. In second half he reveals secrets about Kutti Chethan and his mysteries around his disciples.
3535"Shri Briradhiya Baba"
Irrfan Khan tells about Selvaraj fore view of future and helps police in searching stolen vehicles. Selvaraj shares his experiences. In second half Irrfan tells us the importance of names. In kaidha if a person calls out baba's name then it helps out in curing a person from snake bite.
3636"Satyanarayan baba from Raigarh (Chhattisgarh)"
Irrfan Khan shares information about saints. Sathyanaran baba is mediating from many years in any kind of weather without consuming food. In other second half Irrfantells about wandering souls around human beings. A student shares her experiences in calling wandering soul. Swetha shares some experiences with some souls.
3737"Foot reading and Sun therapy"
Irrfan Khan comes up with the true story based on "Foot reading". Yatri Joshi discusses with the viewers about the accuracy of "Foot reading". An advocate who believed in foot reading prediction, experienced its accuracy at the time of his accident. Other story is about a lady who delivers a baby girl, but, unfortunately it dies after some time. Kamini Khanna, an astrologer does the same job of foot reading but on the basis of foot shapes. Uma Shankar who has been miraculously surviving since 10 years on sunrays. He advises people to take the help of sun therapy to cure diseases.
3838"Martial arts from Shaolin temple"
Irrfan Khan comes up with the true story based on meditation. Sitta Wang discusses with the viewers about the impact of Kump Fu. Kanishka Sharma, martial artist, who believed in Chinese medicines, follows Shaolin monastery to cure people. Kanishka teaches martial art to Shahrukh Khan, Arjun Rampal and Priyanka Chopra during making of movie 'Don'. Other story is about Prakash Desai, a pilot by profession, develops a strange disease of frequent fainting. He consults Shruti, 'Beej Mantra' Specialist and Seshpal Restogi, 'Music Therapy' Specialist, based on medidation, and gets miraculously cured.
3939"Universal scanner from Dr. Maneam Murthi"
Irrfan Khan comes up with the true story based on Prem Shankar Sharma, who cures people with the help of sword. Pramod, who believed in Prem Shankar Sharma's medication, experienced its impact after he meets with an accident and his vision recovers. Other story is based on a scientist, Dr. Maniam Murthy and his 'Universal Scanner', who miraculously solves the kidnapping case of Asmita and finds out the culprit with the help of his universal scanner.
4040"Crocodile in a temple"
Irrfan Khan comes up with the true story based on a crocodile who stays in a lake in temple and is believed to have some spiritual power in it; as it is completely vegetarian and does not grow old by the day. Other story revolves around Sibhavana Gahkar, a holistic healer by profession, who cures people with the help of cosmic energy. She heals Chelna Jain who has nag's shadow on her since 20 years; by taking out negative energy from her.
4141"ESP and Meher Baba"
Irrfan Khan comes up with the true story based on a child Santosh, who lives in Jharkhand and has extra sensory perception; power of vision to see everything even when blind folded. Dr. R.D. Pala, an astrologist, protests this kind of superstitions. Other story revolves around Meher Baba, who helps sorting out issues of people through superstitious things. Nan Umrigar, who lost her son Karl, goes to visit Meherabad; in search of glimpse of his son. Dr. Trupti Jayin, clinical psychologist, protests this kind of superstition.
4242"Santhara Fast"
Irrfan Khan comes up with the true story based on Dilip Chaurasia, who suffers from insomnia from past 20 years; assumes to be cursed by an angel. It is hard to believe that he takes abnormal doses of sleeping pills, snake's poison on his tongue, so as to make himself sleep. Other story revolves around Lalchand Jain and his family, where Nilima Devi decides to go on 'Santhara vrat' in Jain religion and dies calmly; though some doctors still firmly disbelieves and criticises this kind of superstitions.
4343"Dr. Orbito's psychic surgery and ""Hasth Mudra"""
Irrfan Khan comes up with the story based on spiritual healers, Alex Orbito in Philippines. Siddharth Kak visits him and meets Eutiquio Catawtan, a patient who has been healed by the psychic surgeon without applying any surgical instruments and taken out negative energies from the body. Siddharth himself gets operated by that doctor. Other story revolves around Kamya, who has fallen prey of insomnia and stress after Shiv's death, seeks help from Acharya Keshavdevji Maharaj and Acharya Vikramaditya, spiritual healers and gets miraculously recovered with the help of 'Dhyan Mudra'.
4444"Mummies of Kabayan and Flower therapy"
Irrfan Khan comes up with the story on mummies in Philippines. Siddharth Kak visits there and finds out strange process of mummification with the help of Florentino Merino, former mayor and locals. Other story revolves around Flower Healing Therapy, where Bhoomika Chawla meets Dr. Shah; who narrates her the story of Meenakshi and Rahul and their complications in conceiving. After few days of applying this healing therapy of flowers, Meenakshi miraculously conceives.
4545"Dr. Newton Kondaveti and Prakash Indian Tata"
Irrfan Khan comes up with the true story based on past life regression. Newton Kondaveti, Past Life Regression Therapist, miraculously solves Rajan and his sister C. Jaahnavi's case, where C. Jaahnavi's son reincarnates as her brother and reminds everyone of his re-birth. Other story is about Prakash Tata, who cures Maya with the help of his spiritual qualities; using coconut as a tool. Maya faces problems in her career due to a scar mark on her face, which all of a sudden appears. Prakash helps her in curing the mark permanently.
Irrfan Khan comes up with the true story based on 'Icchadari Naagin', where Javed marries a girl who is believed to be 'Icchadari Nagin'. Dattaram Seth, a 'tantrik' by profession, cures several people with his ailments. Other story revolves around Dr. R.D. Pala, Parapsychologist, cures Jyoti miraculously with her personal problems.
4747"Poorna Kumbha Mela"
Irrfan Khan comes up with the true story on 'Hatyogis' during 'Kumbh Mela' in Allahabad. Premanand Bharti, 'Sri 1008' gives information on various saints performing different 'sadhanas' to achieve supreme power. Other story comes up with Dr. Dara, a scientist by profession, who predicts future and present of people using a biorythm software; helping to save them in personal lives. Siddarth Kak also supports such thing when he personally talks to Dr. Dara and Juniad, being efficient on the project.
Irrfan Khan comes up with the true story on Kamini's astrology. She cures Bhoomika on the basis of 'Grahas' and 'Nakshatras' and their requisite directions when Bhoomika faces psychological issues in personal life. Other story revolves around Manohar, whose unconscious spirit goes to meet his friends Nitin, Manohar, Sanjeev and Hussian and Sanjay on his every death anniversary, which makes everyone astonished and hard to believe fact.
4949"Vaastu Shastra and Dada Hayat Kalandar"
Irrfan Khan hosts the show which is based on real incidents. The first incident is about Inspector Vijay Patil, who is in-charge of a police station in Pune rural district. He investigates various robbery cases, but fails to trace the evil powers behind the case. Later, a Vastu Consultant, Mayank Barjatya helps him eliminate the evil powers through his vastu scientific instruments. The other incident and facts are about the spirituality of Dargah Hazrat Dada Hayat Qalandar.
5050"Glass reader and Living water"
Irrfan Khan hosts the show. The first incident is about Satish Sinha who deals in a crane business. Due to a tragic incident in his business, he goes through hard times. Later, a well known glass reader, Pandit Om Prakash helps him solve his problems. He predicts the future and past incidents through the glass water techniques. He also helps Vikas Chaturvedi to retrieve his diamond ring. The show also focuses on miraculous powers of water and about its importance in life.
5151"Snake bites and Pyramid house"
Irrfan Khan hosts the show. Initially, the show focuses on a farmer Santram, who was victimized by snakes. He had been bitten many times by snakes and could not triumph over the problems. As per belief, the snakes attacked him following the smell of his body. Later, the show highlights on Subhash Patri, founder of Pyramid Spiritual Society of India. His pyramid techniques help people get benefits from conservation of power and meditation.
Irrfan Khan hosts the show and narrates about an incident occurred in Tamil Nadu district. Viswanath gets on a bus to visit Kerben, but has to walk for a long distance. In between, he faces obstacles on his way by devil spirits. He becomes tormented on seeing tragedies occurring in the village and in his family. In order to ruin the devil power, he takes support of his friends and villagers. Through the spiritual procedures, he helps eliminate the devil spirit from the village.
5353"Future prediction by fire"
Irrfan Khan hosts the show and narrates about a fire incident. Brij practices prediction by fire techniques. He could predict Bhumika's future in danger through experimenting on fire. He loses his consciousness while practicing and gets admitted in the hospital. Later, Shilpa enlightens Brij's parents that he has been influenced by Dr. Rohini to practice the same. Brij continues to experiment on fire in order to rescue Bhumika's life. Finally, he alerts her to be careful, but in vain.
Irrfan Khan hosts the show and narrates about a real incident. Shubro becomes horrified on seeing Suneeta's abnormal behaviour. A psychiatrist diagnoses her problem. He reveals to Shubro that she has been suffering from psychological problem due to frustrations in her life, and advises him to take care of her. However, Shubro learns that Suneeta has been victimised by an evil spirit. In order to cure her, he takes her to Ajjaiyya temple. Finally, a priest helps Suneeta recover from her problem.
5555"Murder mystery"
Irrfan Khan hosts the show and narrates about an incident occurred in a village of Madhya Pradesh. After Sanjay's death, his mother becomes assured of his reincarnation. Sanjay is reborn as Kanhaiya and reminisces about his murder in his previous birth. He claims his parents to be the reincarnation of Sanjay. Kanhaiya's parents try to treat him under an exorcist, but in vain. Finally, Kanhaiya meets his mother of previous birth and reveals to his family members about his murder in his previous birth.
5656"Fortune teller"
Irrfan Khan hosts the show and narrates about Mihir's incident. Arnav and Mihir are close friends. An astrologer interacts with Arnav and predicts about his bright future. However, she predicts about Mihir's water accident after feeling the energy in his pen. Nevertheless, Arnav underestimates the astrologer. Later, he realizes that her predictions has turned into reality. Arnav and Mihir's girlfriend seek astrologer's help to rescue Mihir from water accident, but in vain.
5757"Bhangarh Fort"
Irrfan Khan hosts the show and narrates about an incident occurred in Bhangarh, Rajasthan. Mahesh and Monika make an adventurous episode of Bhangarh to show live telecast on TV channel. They try to focus on idols in the areas which possess the devil spirits at night. Later, they succeed in capturing the mystery. However, they become victims of devil spirits. In order to promote the media, and rescue Mahesh and Bhumika, Aditya visits Bhangarh. Finally, he himself becomes a victim.
5858"Death dream"
Irrfan Khan hosts the show and narrates about the omens of death. Being an actor, Ravi is concerned about his face. He objects the actions which interrupt his facial attraction. Later, he becomes tormented on seeing bad dreams regarding his death. Instead getting sympathies from friends, he gets prediction about his future tragedy. Priyanka loves Ravi and consoles him after seeing his frustrations. Nevertheless, Ravi goes through hard times. Finally, he dies after facing the worst incident.
5959"Killer tree"
Irrfan Khan hosts the show and narrates about an incident of killer tree in Chaandpur village, Orissa. Shivu's father becomes victimized by the devil spirit. Later, Shivu tries to reveal the mystery behind the same. He sees a village girl, Jhilli who becomes victim of the same spirit. Her spirit reveals about the devil power of the tree. Later, the villagers decide to eliminate the devil power by cutting the tree. Shivu attempts to do so but gets killed by the evil spirit.
6060"Coffee ground reader"
Irrfan Khan talks about coffee ground reader. During a party in Bangalore, Ria is introduced and is informed that she will predict future by looking into coffee mugs. Ria informs Mr. Shetty that he will live a long life but he dies in a car accident the very night. Ria asks the Police Commissioner for a DNA test to identify the dead body which proves that it was not Mr.Shetty's body. Mr. Shetty narrates his story when Ria takes police to his hideout. Navalgani, Arabian Coffee Cup Reader talks about the method
6161"Nazarwadi's curse"
Irrfan talks about Nazarwadi and starts narrating the story of Neha and Amol. Amol's car breaks down while he is taking Neha to hospital for child delivery. Amol's efforts to seek help goes in vain. A resident of Nazarwadi asks Amol to leave otherwise he might get killed. A woman offers to help Amol. The woman asks Amol to get a few medicines. Amol comes back and sees that the woman's house is locked. Amol gets to know that the woman who offered to help him, died many years ago. Amol breaks open the lock of the woman's house and finds that it is abandoned. Amol takes out his frustration by throwing stones at dwellers' houses. The woman appears in front of Amol and tells him that Neha is perfectly fine. Amol sees that Neha is dead. The woman narrates how she was helpless when her daughter was being kidnapped and nobody came for her help.
6262"Devices to identify psychic energy"
Irrfan talks about instruments used to identify paranormal activity. Revathy and Satish feel presence of someone in their new house, so they call Avinash to check the house for negative energy. Avinash finds a skeleton inside the wall which is confirmed to be of a girl and kept there for 6 years. Avinash helps police in identifying the skeleton and then contacts the spirit of the girl. The spirit narrates her story. Avinash helps police in finding the culprit, Chunnilal. Mayank.K.Barjatya a vastu consultant talks about Ghostmeter, Contact mouse, Electrosmog detector and devices to identify psychic energy
6363"Power of mind"
Irrfan talks about Deepak, a builder who was about to face a catastrophe. Deepak's wife finds him dead in his room. The inspector wonders how the killer entered Deepak's room. The forensic doctor tells the inspector that the rod has coiled thrice after entering Deepak's throat. Manoj tells the inspector that a rod bent on its own when Deepak was busy speaking to 3 unknown people. The inspector spots the killer's footprints and follows it. The inspector questions Sarang since he wears 'Rockland' shoes of size 9. He also spots that things are bent in his house too. The inspector makes Sarang reveal that he can bend metals without even touching them. Sarang breaks open the lock up with his powers and escapes. Kruti Parekh throws more light on constructive and destructive power of mind
Irrfan Khan talks about Nikhil of Indore. Nikhil sees some criminal activities in IJ bottling company's godown due to which he gets killed. Ashok gets shocked on seeing his son's dead body. Richa who is deaf, dumb and blind, gets a panic attackduring Nikhil's mourning. Renu and Ashok see that Richa has written a few words on a paper. Feroza Belimoria tells Renu and Ashok that Nikhil's spirit might have entered Richa. A pen travels from Nikhil's room to Richa's room and reaches Richa's hand. Richa writes on wall that Ashok's factory will burn down that night and Ashok's life is in danger. Ranvir tells Ashok that he killed Nikhil, and now he shall kill Ashok too. Renu goes to the factory along with police and rescues Ashok. Kashmira Elavia tells more about autowriting
6565"Monkey Man"
Irrfan narrates the story about "Monkey Man". Ghaziabad residents talk about the monkey man. Ajit gets furious when he learns about his sister, Madhu and Vikas's relationship. Madhu's marriage is fixed with Neeraj and Ajit warns Vikas to stay away from her. On Madhu's engagement the monkey man attacks her. Doctor informs Ajit that Madhu will require cosmetic surgery to reconstruct her face but Vikas's mother calls off the engagement. Ajit decides to catch the monkey man. Ajit's wife finds ring left by the monkey man when he was escaping from the crime scene. The ring turns out to be the engagement ring given to Neeraj. Police arrests Neeraj. Salamat Miya, Editor of Hind Newspaper and Dr. Anil Tomar, Chief Medical Officer, talk about the Monkey Man
6666"Bijoya is treated like a God by the villagers"
Irrfan Khan, the host narrates a story about the couple Bijoya and Mahen. Bijoya dreams about the Goddess telling about Pranav stealing from her offerings and reminding Mahen's vow to sacrifice. Bijoya sucks Pranav's blood. Mahen spots Bijoya's hunger for blood at night. Bijoya starts longing for blood. Bijoya is treated like a God by the villagers, who offer sacrifices to her.
6767"Dr. M P Goyal is killed by the police"
Irrfan Khan tells about a person researching on a medicine to turn immortal. The researchers suspect Dr. M P Goyal behind trying to steal the ""stem cells"" to make the medicine. Dr. M P Goyal kills Dr. Shrivastav. Dr. M P Goyal is killed by the police. Irrfan Khan concludes the show by telling the truth about life and death.
6868"Both sides of numerology"
Irrfan Khan tells the both sides of numerology. A person is found dead in the hotel room number six. Vikram promises to come home to celebrate his birthday. The hotel manager feels number six is an evil number. The hotel official turns number six upside down to make it look like number nine. Tanya checks into room number six that is converted into number nine. Tanya is found dead in her room. Vikram's twin brother Vineet is found guilty in Tanya's murder. Vineet gets bail.
6969"Surekha insists a postmortem on her father-in-law"
Irrfan Khan tells about mortuaries where the dead come back to life. Prakash, in the hospital reveals about noticing dead bodies coming back to life. Irrfan Khan labels Surekha greedy. Surekha is worried about her father-in-law's money, when he is on his death bed. Surekha insists a postmortem on her father-in-law to know about the property share. Surekha lodges a complaint to conduct a postmortem on her father-in-law. Surekha's father-in-law comes back to life. Surekha turns mad due to her greed and is admitted in the mental asylum.
7070"The witches"
Irrfan Khan tells about the witches. The priest Mahesh Saikya's wife wants him to start a business as his present profession is not fetching a decent earning. A stranger asks the priest to meet him near a tree, where the old woman Banumati, a witch resides to help him earn money. Mahesh Saikya finds a cross mark on the door. Mahesh Saikya is found dead on the tree. The stranger insists Mahesh Saikya's friend Pratap to meet him near the tree at zero hour to know about Mahesh Saikya's killer. Pratap is also found dead on the tree. The villagers come to know about Banumati's involvement behind all the killings taking place in the village and burn her to death. Irrfan Khan concludes the show by advising not to believe in witches and witchcraft.
7171"Baldev Sharma's entire house starts bleeding"
Irrfan Khan narrates Baldev Sharma's story. Baldev Sharma is concerned about his two daughters' marriage. Lata suggests Baldev Sharma to dispose their house to conduct his daughters' marriage. Baldev Sharma decides to sell the house and finds Gupta the buyer. Gupta sees blood oozing out of the room and flees from the house. Baldev Sharma's entire house starts bleeding. Bharat after consulting the pathologists confirms about the house literally bleeding.
7272"Anuradha claims that she is Alok's wife"
Irrfan Khan tells about a never ending story. Alok, a doctor and his wife Payal on their way back home after a party run over a girl with the car. Alok and Payal bring the girl home to avoid police involvement. She suffers memory loss. The girl's parents lodge a police complaint about her missing. Payal suspects Alok having an affair with the girl. The girl identifies herself as Anuradha. Anuradha claims that she is Alok's wife. Alok threatens to kill Anuradha like how he did in the previous birth while the police interfere.
7373"Pakhi gets attacked by ghosts in her dreams"
Pakhi has a bad dream about ghosts attacking her. She wakes up in fear and her husband Lohit, finds bruises on her face and hands. The doctor says that she might have done it to herself. Lohith takes her to a tantric who tells her about a Hazarika family who died in a car crash suspecting they might be the one disturbing her. Lohit gets angry and takes her home. Pakhi visits Hazarika's house finds a lady who tells her that she was in love with Lohit and planned to get married but failed because of her, so she took the help of spirits to punish her. They visit the tantric again who advise them to leave Guwahati.
7474"Varsha has visions of the future on her thumb-nail"
Varsha has a vision on her thumb-nail about her dance teacher's death. Later her teacher dies the same way she had her vision. Varsha starts wearing a glove on her hand. Years later, she removes the glove on her mother's repeated requests. She again has a vision on her nail about an engagement getting cancelled. She later visits the engagement and witnesses the same incidents she saw on her nail. Varsha tells her mother about her visions but she tells her that it might be her imagination. She later has a vision of her father death by electrocution. She stops him from going out. But months later, her father dies after getting electrocuted the same way Varsha had visioned. Out of her pain and helplessness, Varsha decides to chop off her thumb.
7575"Shruti gets attacked by someone in her college and goes into a coma"
Shruti gets attacked by someone in her college. She gets admitted in the hospital and her father, Mr Desai plans for revenge. The police suspect Rudraksh, one of Shruti's classmate who believes in Raavan's writings. They also learn that Rudraksh liked Shruti. Rudraksh visits the hospital and Mr Desai tells him to better stay away. Rudraksh states that he is innocent and he can rescue Shruti from the coma by the help of his mentor. He advises Mr Desai to chant a prayer near Shruti for twenty one days. Shruti gets up from the coma, they later find out a person whose son was encountered by Mr Desai trying to take revenge by killing Shruti.
7676"A person witnesses a ghost(Vivek) while driving from Jaipur to Alwar"
A person witnesses a ghost(Vivek) while driving from Jaipur to Alwar who gives him a message that he wants to meet Bunty Chawla. This news upsets Bunty and his wife. The next day Bunty and his wife travels on the same road towards Alwar to visit her sister who is Vivek's widow. While driving back to Jaipur alone, he witnesses Vivek's ghost. He gets scared and calls his wife and tells her to give half of the factory to Vivek's wife and daughter. Vivek's ghost kills Bunty and attains revenge.
7777"Cursed diamond"


  • Aanchal Dwivedi as Evil Spirit (Episode 59)
  • Prabhat Bhattacharya as Inspector Vikram (Episode 63) / Bunty Chawla (Episode 76)
  • Jayant Rawal as Manoj Kulkarni (Episode 63) / Rajesh (Episode 76)
  • Kaushal Kapoor as Forensic Doctor (Episode 63)
  • Shahab Khan as Police Commissioner (Episode 63)
  • Bhairavi Raichura as Inspector Nishiketh (Episode 67)
  • Ahmed Khan as Dr. Srivastav (Episode 67)
  • Akhil Ghai as Devan (Episode 67)
  • Hemant Thatte as Prakash Sonawane (Episode 69)
  • Nitesh Pandey as Inspector (Episode 69)
  • Hrishikesh Pandey as Mahesh Saikya (Episode 70)
  • Mahesh Thakur as Dr. Alok (Episode 72)
  • Indira Krishnan as Payal (Episode 72)
  • Manasvi Vyas as Neha (Episode 72)
  • Monalika Bhonsle as Shalu Bunty Chawla (Episode 76)
  • Bhupinder Singh as Vivek Awasthi (Episode 76)

Season 2 (2010)

No. No. in season Title
781"Khoon Ke Aansu"
Mishal Raheja gives an outline about Sadness. Rashida a residence of Patna cries tears of blood when she is in pain. The reason for this is yet unknown. All believed presence of spirits and detached from her, But Mohammad Aslam married and supported her in all possible ways. Once Rashida couldn't withstand the pain of a man, she prayed and took the pain on herself, later the man became healthy, but Rashida was unwell. It's believed that Rashida's prayers for others are always accepted.
Appa died after a heart attack, but Appa called out Vertaka's name. A driver in Mangalore, Ananda is shown who works for Lakshmi and they both practice Bhoota Aradhana - Pleasing the Ghosts. Ananda blessed Appa and brought him back to life. Appa had several tensions like building a temple for Bhootas, Sundara's marriage and his house debt. Appa's tensions ended after the Bhootas blessings. Bhaskar who first denied marrying Sundara, later agreed and helped Appa build a temple for the Bhootas.
Mishal talks about people who have a habit of staying in cemetery, and they are addressed as Aghori. In Varanasi Arun is trying to find his elder brother who is missing since 5 days. The elder brother was murdered and his dead body was found by Aghori who perform the last rites. Aghori's habit is to eat the remains of the cremated body. Arun meets Aghori who informs that his elder brother is no more, and shows him his watch as proof, Arun is devastated.
Mishal speaks about people having Hypothetical thoughts and hallucination. Jayashree Mande has such thoughts and sees spirit. In her childhood she saw her Maths teacher and learned Maths from him. Few years later she saw her dead father feeding her son. In another incident she saw her Mother in law who comes to meet her in spite of the fact that she is in coma for all the other common people. Jayashree believes this reality and has accepted this datum. Her family is also aware about this.
Mishal reveals the story of Om and his Bike. Many years ago Om met with an accident with his bike, but later he in form of spirit settled there. He and his bike are worshipped by travellers for their safe journey. He helped people who urged for his support. Once a couple met with an accident, but Om attended them and later they found out that it was the same Om who is worshipped by people and is treated as god.
Mishal speaks about the energy that humans get from food, and reveals Prahalad's story where he has stopped intake of food and water. It's been almost 70 years he has stopped eating and drinking but still survives a healthy life. Doctors from Sterling Hospital speak about their research on this case and are wonder stuck. He is famous as Mataji among his devotees. Devotees share their experience. Scientist declares Prahalad's case as genuine, but his energy is still a mystery.
Mishal talks about societies believes and myths. Bihar's small village Nehara is said to be a place where people don't make any marriage relations. Many years back a girl named Suman was married to Manoj, before marriage Suman was happy and joyful girl. After marriage her approach was changed, she would behave weirdly many times. However Manoj's uncle returned after 12 years and warned the family that there is a spirit's power in their house.
Manoj's uncle persuades Manoj's mother to perform a ritual in order to destroy the evil spirit. However during the ritual Manoj and his dad interferes and it's stopped. When Manoj confronts Suman she warns him that if he reveals her truth, he will lose Suman forever. Manoj's Uncle along with other villages opposes Manoj and his family, and the spirit inside Suman speaks up and leaves Suman's body.
Villagers of Pune Convey to Patil that someone steals human bones from cemetery; Patil arranges a ritual ceremony by a priest to get rid of this problem. A Household Doctor informs all that Radha is behind stealing Human bones. Radha makes medicines with Human bones. Radha is haunted by a women spirit, when priest try to help Radha she at first denies but later approaches him and with his help the spirit is given salvation. Radha's relatives share and convey their opinions on it.
Kamini meets Gopal Katik when he is suffering from financial crisis, with her help and advises he gains good financial position. He marries her and takes her to his mother, with a doubt in mind his mother follows her and identifies that she is a spirit, known as 'Karna Peshachani'. Gopal disbelieves his mother at first when she informs him that Kamini is a spirit. But later with the help of priest he takes redemption from 'Karna Peshachani' kamini, but loses all assets and lives a simple life.
In Chitai, Chaudhary blames a priest for stealing a gold piece. Priest tries to convince him but he is adamant and orders him to pay him the money. Priest doesn't have that financial position and owes to 'Goolu Devta', where devotees write their wish on a stamp paper and tie it. A suspicious man returns this gold piece to Chaudhary, but he doesn't reveal this to people. However due to extreme situation on his son, he is made to reveal this and it's found that his son had originally stolen it.
Celebrity Actor Divya Dutta suffered from claustrophobia. She realized this at a very early age in her life. Her brother Dr. Rahul Dutta helped her with Hypno Sessions. He used westerns hypnosis to know the actual cause to the problem. Past life regression, which is a part of Hypnosis help Divya find the reason for her claustrophobia. Divya and her Brother share their experience before during and after Hypnosis.
In Belui, west Bengal, there was a ritual which villagers believed that if a child had evil spirits in them, they should be married with 'Kukoor' (Dog). Dr. Kusheel experienced troubles in his health after his marriage; his parents believed that they should have performed 'Kukoor' ritual with him. Kusheel was always against this. Later when his health deteriorated, his family performed this ritual and he came back to normalcy. Villagers believe this happened because of 'Kukoor' ritual.
Mishal Raheja talks about a village called Kalyanpur in Bihar, where bats are worshipped as gods. Rani found a girl child abandoned near a tree, she named her Bawri. Bawri fell in love with Surya. Surya had promised to always look after the village before dying. It is said that Surya did not achieve salvation and he reincarnated as a bat. Due to this belief, the villagers consider bats as their protector. And since then the villagers have never witnessed theft and no one has ever fallen sick.
Mishal Raheja talks about a village called Kungher in Gujrat, where Chudel Mata is worshiped. Once a gardener's daughter fell into a well and died. The girl's wishes were unfulfilled hence her soul haunts the villagers. Years later Bhumi fell sick and started to behave like the gardener's daughter and jumped in the same well. The gardener requested his daughter's soul to forgive Bhumi. Due to this belief, the villagers pray Chudel Mata and believe that she provides justice to all.
Mishal Raheja talks about a village called Begunkodar in West Bengal, where trains never stop. Villagers say that a woman was crushed by a train and hence her soul haunts the station as she failed to get salvation. The police also could not find any trace for the two deaths in their investigation. Since then this station has remained isolated. Some villagers did spread rumours about the soul. But now there are no more rumours and also the train halts and people board the train from this station.
Actor Mahesh Thakur talks about astral travel, the process of taking out the astral body from the physical body. Mahesh shares an incident he faced where no one believed him. Mahesh noticed a silver cord coming out of his navel, while experiencing astral travel. He talked about one of his friends Yash, who met with an accident. Yash used astral travel to inform his family about his accident. Yash became conscious. Astral travel is still a mystery in itself and the research is still on.
Mishal Raheja talks about a man named Sanjay who lives in a village called Seoni near Nagpur and has a huge abdomen. Once Sanjay experienced immense pain and was rushed to a hospital. On operating him doctors found twenty litres of thick fluid and a four-kilogram foetus in his abdomen. Sanjay was successfully operated on the tumour. Dr. Ajay Mehta gives information about Teratoma tumour. The villagers kept making fun of Sanjay's case. Due to this Sanjay lives an isolated life.
Mishal Raheja talks about Ashwini Kumar, a time travel expert who can look into a man's past and future. A boy named Amit went missing on his birthday. His parents met Ashwini who helped them find out about the incident occurred with their lost son. Ashwini informed Amit's parents that Amit was murdered. Ashwini advised Amit's parents to take help from the police. The murderer was the man who gave Amit lift that day. Amit's parents thanked Ashwini for helping them.
Mishal Raheja talks about crystal healing. Indra Ghildiyal suffered from many disorders due to which she was unable to conceive. Indra also tried for a test tube baby but did not succeed. Indra then met Poonam Singh, a crystal healer who cures her patients with crystal stone and Reiki. With the help of crystals pyramids Poonam cured Indra. Finally with nineteen days of the treatment Indra conceived. Today Indra is blessed with a daughter and is happily living her life.
Mishal Raheja talks about a village called Sindkhed Raja in Maharashtra, where Hajrat Asad Baba licks a wound to heal it. Thirty years ago, Baba met an accident where he helped a man keeping aside his own pain. The man blessed Baba and vanished. Soon after the incident Baba started to heal people's wound. Baba can heal the wound only when he is in the mosque. Medical tests were conducted on Baba but the results were normal. Baba is still healing people the same way, but not everyone gets healed.
Mishal Raheja talks about Barah Devi Mandir located Kanpur. Decade ago, a father tried to rape his daughter on the day of her marriage. She prayed god for help and then got embedded into the ground. Today the temple is situated at the same place. Worshipers follow a practice of putting a rod through their tongue and cheeks to get their wishes fulfilled. Bablu chopped his tongue to get his wish fulfilled. The worshipers follow this practice with full devotion and their wishes also get fulfilled.
Mishal Raheja talks about auto writing. Auto writing is a form where spirits communicate through writing. Manini De shares her experience. Tamanna Chandok a psychic healer practices auto writing. She helped Manini to communicate with her grandfather. On reading grandfather's words Manini gets emotional. Tamanna suggests people not try auto writing as it must be done only under strict guidance. Veena Chakravarthy, a clinical psychologist, opposes auto writing and says spirits do not exist.
Mishal Raheja talks about dreams. Actor Shekhar Suman and actress Muskaan Mihani shared their dreams. Also Ashish and Meera shared their dreams. Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, a flutist, also shares his dream and how it helped him prepare an album on Taj Mahal. Anjali Hazarika, a dream analyst, says her dreams helped her in writing a book. Rahul Dutta, a clinical hypnotherapist, tells about the dreams which are divided in three periods processing dreams, predictive dreams and venting dreams.
Mishal Raheja introduces a wiccan, Neha Lalwani who stays in Delhi. Neha shares her experience of how she became a Wiccan. The people who consulted Neha share their experiences. A man consulted Neha to save his mother who was in a critical state. She saved her life by her prayers. She being a witch when prays to the god, her prayers are answered and she comes to know the outcome. Neha's father recovered in fifteen days through her prayers while the doctor had said six months for his recovery.



Overall, Mano Ya Na Mano received a positive response from public.

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