Manila, Open City

Manila, Open City is a 1968 war film written, produced, and directed by Eddie Romero about the Battle of Manila in World War II.[1] The film was screened upon the launching of the National Film Archive of the Philippines in December 2011.[2]

Manila, Open City
Directed byEddie Romero
Produced byEddie Romero
Written byEddie Romero
StarringCharito Solis
James Shigeta
Alex Nicol
John Ashley
Ric Rodgrigo
Vic Diaz
Music byLeopoldo Silos
CinematographyDik Trofeo
Nepomuceno Productions
Release date
Running time
86 mins

The film is in the public domain.[3]


In the final days of World War Two, Allied forces approach Manila. The occupying Japanese army turns on the locals.[4]



The film was one of a series of war movies Romero made which featured American actors, others including Lost Battalion (1960), The Walls of Hell, The Ravagers, and The Raiders of Leyte Gulf. The film featured John Ashley who would team with Romeo on Brides of Blood and a series of other horror movies.[5]

Romero says the production company imported Ashley and Alex Nicol, and it was on this film he met John Ashley.[6][7]


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