Mane SA

Mane SA is a major producer of flavours and fragrances with sales of €1,058 million in 2016.[1]

Mane S.A.
IndustryFlavors and Fragrance
Key people
Jean Mane (President)
ProductsFlavors and Fragrances
Revenue€1,058 million (2016)
Number of employees


V. Mane Fils was founded in 1871 when Victor Mane started producing fragrant materials from regional flowers and plants. Victor Mane's sons Eugène and Gabriel took over the business and developed it internationally between 1916 and 1958. In 1959, Maurice Mane took over from his father Eugène and diversified into the growing flavorings market for the food industry. In 1995, Maurice Mane retired to become Chairman of the Monitoring Committee and his son Jean took over as President of the company.

Mane SA is a member of the European Flavour Association.[2]


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