Manchán Magan

Manchán Magan is an Irish writer, traveller and television programme maker. He has made over 30 travel documentaries focusing on issues of world cultures and globalisation, 12 of them packaged under the Global Nomad series[1] with his brother Ruán Magan.[2] He presented No Béarla, a documentary series about traveling around Ireland speaking only Irish. He writes a travel column for The Irish Times[3] and his show The Big Adventure, on RTÉ Radio 1 explores adventure holidays.[4] He has written two books in Irish, Baba-ji agus TnaG (Coiscéim 2005) and Manchán ar Seachrán (Coiscéím 1998), and his English travel books include Angels & Rabies: A Journey through the Americas (Brandon, 2006), Manchán's Travels: A Journey through India (Brandon, 2007) and Truck Fever: A Journey through Africa (Brandon, 2008).[5]

Magan's family background was nationalist and closely associated with the foundation of the Irish State in that he is the grandson of Sighle Humphreys and great-grandnephew of The O'Rahilly.[6] He has explored these connections in various documentaries for TG4 and RTÉ.

Magan stood unsuccessfully for the Green Party in the Longford–Westmeath constituency in 2016.

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