Mampang Prapatan

Mampang Prapatan is a subdistrict of South Jakarta, one of the five administrative cities which forms the special capital region of Jakarta, Indonesia. The expatriate residential area of Bangka and Kemang, known for its annual Kemang Festival, is located in Mampang Prapatan Subdistrict. The boundaries of Mampang Prapatan are Krukut River to the west, Cideng River and Mampang River to the east, Jalan Jenderal Gatot Subroto Tollway to the north, and Kemang Selatan-Kemang Timur Road to the south. Mampang Prapatan Main Road passed through Mampang Prapatan Subdistrict. Expatriate neighborhood partly located Kemang in this subdistrict.

Kelurahan (Administrative Villages)

The Subdistrict of Mampang Prapatan is divided into five kelurahan or administrative villages:

  • Kuningan Barat - area code 12710
  • Pela Mampang - area code 12720
  • Bangka - area code 12730
  • Tegal Parang - area code 12790
  • Mampang Prapatan - area code 12790

List of important places


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