Mama's Little Pirate

Mama's Little Pirate is a 1934 Our Gang short comedy film directed by Gus Meins. It was the 132nd Our Gang short (44th talking episode) that was released.

Mama's Little Pirate
Directed byGus Meins
Produced byHal Roach
StarringGeorge McFarland
Scotty Beckett
Matthew Beard
Jerry Tucker
Billie Thomas
Music byMarvin Hatley
Leroy Shield
CinematographyArt Lloyd
Edited byBert Jordan
Distributed byMGM
Release date
  • November 3, 1934 (1934-11-03)
Running time
17' 51"[1]
CountryUnited States


While eating breakfast, Spanky's father reads a newspaper article about treasures found at a nearby cave. This inspires Spanky to explore another nearby cave with the gang for more treasures. The cave is too dark so Spanky goes back home to get a flashlight. Spanky's foster mother catches him and she refuses to allow him to participate in that treasure hunt.

Confined to his room, Spanky falls asleep and in his dream argues with his "inner self", who advises him to disobey his foster mother and join the rest of the gang in their search for buried treasure. Though the kids miraculously unearth a fortune in gold and jewels, their triumph nearly turns to disaster when they encounter a surly giant (Tex Madsen). During the height of the trouble they've found, Spanky wakes up from his dream.


Mama's Little Pirate is the first Our Gang fantasy outing. The film was enhanced by Leroy Shield's unique background music composition "Cascadia", originally written for the "Boy Friends" comedy Air Tight (1931).[2]

Leroy Shield's music composition was "Good Old Days" in the opening titles and "We're going to arrowhead" was in the end title.

The cave was a set from the 1934 film Babes in Toyland that was also directed by Gus Meins.


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