Alkyl Maltosides are a class of detergents composed of a hydrophilic maltose and a hydrophobic alkyl chain. Variation in the alkyl chain confers a range of detergent properties including CMC and solubility. Maltosides are most often used for the solubilization and purification of membrane proteins.


In 1980 Ferguson-Miller et al. at Michigan State developed n-dodecyl-β-D-maltopyranoside (DDM) as part of a successful effort to purify an active, stable, monodisperse form of cytochrome c oxidase.[1] Maltosides have been used extensively to stabilize membrane proteins for biophysical and structural studies.

Table of detergent properties

Maltosideabbr.CMC (mM)MW (g/mol)Micelle (kDa)
n-Decyl-β-D-maltopyranosideDM1.8 [2] (H2O)482.6~33 (69 molecules) [3]
n-Dodecyl-β-D-maltopyranosideDDM0.17 [4]510.6~72 (~78-149 molecules) [5]


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