Malatesta da Verucchio

Malatesta (I) da Verucchio (1212–1312) was the founder of the powerful Italian Malatesta family and a famous condottiero. He was born in Verucchio. He was the son of Malatesta (I) della Penna (1183-1248).

He was originally the leader of the Guelphs in Romagna and became podestà (chief magistrate) of Rimini in 1239. In 1295, he made himself complete master of Rimini by killing the chief members of the rival Ghibelline family, the Parcitati, including their leader Montagna.

His eldest son was Giovanni Malatesta, famous for the 1285 tragedy, recorded in Dante's Inferno, in which he killed his wife Francesca da Polenta and his younger brother Paolo, having discovered them in adultery.

He was succeeded as seignior of Rimini by his other son Malatestino.


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