Maksim Dunayevsky

Maksim Isaakovich Dunayevsky (Russian: Максим Исаакович Дунаевский, born 15 January 1945 in Moscow) is a popular Soviet/Russian film composer. Son of Isaak Dunayevsky. He finished the departments of music theory and composition in the Moscow Conservatory in 1965. In 1970, he finished the composition department of the same institution. Dunayevsky lived in the United States for seven years (from 1992 to 1999) where he worked in Hollywood and composed music for several films. He was married seven times. One of his wives included the actress Natalya Andrejchenko from whom the composer had a son by the name of Dmitriy Dunayevsky (born in 1982). In 1983 he had a daughter by the name of Alina who is actually living in Paris. She became a singer and author-composer of the pop-rock band Markize that she created and issued several albums and several singles and video clips. Nowadays she continues with creating her soloist project with new upcoming album. Her official web site: In 2002, his current wife bore him a daughter by the name of Paulina.


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