Majajan is a 2006 Pakistani Punjabi film directed by Syed Noor which was released across theaters in Pakistan on 24 March 2006. Director of Majajan Syed Noor married the heroine Saima during the filming of this film. Majajan is a love story Syed Noor says he "made most passionately". Inspired by the life of Baba Bulleh Shah and his 'Ishq' with his 'Murshad'.

Theatrical release poster
Directed bySyed Noor
Produced bySaima
Syed Noor
Written byRukhsana Noor
Music byZulfiqar Ali
CinematographyWaqar Bokhari
Edited byAqeel Ali Asghar
Release date
24 March 2006
Running time
2 hr 36 min 56 sec

The film celebrated its Diamond Jubilee at the Pakistani cinemas. The film's success led to the creation of a sequel title Zill-e-Shah, which was released in 2008.


Shaan plays the role of Zil-E-Shah, an unhappily married man who belongs to the Syed clan, who falls in love with a courtesan, by the name of Taari (Saima) who arrives to perform in his village. His wife (Madiha Shah) and family condemn their relationship.[1]


The film was released on 24 March 2006, across Pakistan.[2]

Majajan has celebrated Diamond Jubilee (100 weeks) in Lahore's cinemas. It also did Solo Silver Jubilees on its two main cinemas Metropole and Sozo Gold in Lahore.[3]


In a newspaper interview, director Syed Noor said, ""When I read the verses of Baba Bulleh Shah I promised myself that I will make a film on the great Sufi poet's 'ishq' and I was looking for an opportunity to do that. So, I discussed the story with my wife (Rukhsana Noor) who is also a writer. She converted it into a full-fledged script and finally I created Majajan... (Saima) didn't compromise on quality, and spent lavishly on making Majajan a great film."[1]

Majajan's soundtrack consists of 10 songs of which only half have been used. The director said Shaan is playing this kind of role for the first time. Music is composed by the music director Zulfiqar Ali and film song lyrics are by Khawaja Pervez, the Sufi poet Bulleh Shah and Aqeel Rubi.[4]



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