Main Teri Parchhain Hoon

Main Teri Parchhain Hoon was a soap on Indian television. Produced by Rajshri Productions. It aired on NDTV Imagine.

Main Teri Parchhain Hoon
Created byRajshri Productions
Presented byNDTV Group
StarringLata Sabharwal,
Megha Gupta,
Sameer Dharmadhikari,
Abeer Goswami,
Kiran Bhargava,
Rajat Wats,
Uday Tikekar,
Nishigandha Wad,
Indu Verma
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of episodes212
Producer(s)Kavita K. Barjatya
Running time22 Minutes
Original networkNDTV Imagine
Original release21 January 2008 
12 February 2009


The story of the series is about a beautiful, young woman, Aanchal. Aanchal who is approximately 22 is an orphan and lives with her aunt and uncle, Mamu and Mami and cousin brother, Mannu. Her major dream is to become a fashion designer. On the other hand, Jaya Tyagi is a devoted wife and daughter in law. She loves her husband, Siddharth and their three children, Ayush, Juhi and Sachin very much. Siddharth's step-mother and sister in law/cousin do not like Jaya at all and sometimes they criticize her. Whereas Siddharth's father and half-brother, Dheeraj love Jaya. One day Jaya visits her maternal home in Mumbai and Siddharth refuses her to leave as he doesn't want to stay away from her. However, Jaya promises to return soon. She bids goodbye to Siddharth and her children. At the bus station, Aanchal and Jaya meet and Jaya sees Aanchal upset. She finds out that Aanchal's bus will take time and she will be late for her interview. Jaya gives her ticket to Aanchal so that Aanchal can go on Jayas's bus as it will be leaving soon. Jaya tells her to live her dream and be happy. Aanchal thanks her and the two bid goodbye to each other. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes when Jaya's bus falls down the cliff and Jaya passes away. Siddharth and Jaya's family are heartbroken. Aanchal has gotten the job as a fashion designer and is overwhelmed but when she hears about Jaya's death she is deeply hurt and feels guilty. She decides to live her dream for Jaya.

Siddharth wishes to keep Jaya's death a secret from his children as he knows they will take this news terribly, but Ayush finds out anyway and although he is deeply upset he hides this news from his siblings as he wants to protect them.

A few days later, Siddharth is still unable to forget about Jaya and keeps himself isolated. Juhi and Sachin miss their mother so the duo decide to run to Mumbai to see their mother. Although, Ayush already knows the news he however decides to join them. Whilst on the bus, the bus conductor orders the children to get off the bus as they don't have a ticket. But Aanchal, who happens to be on the same bus stops him and tells him that she is the children's mother. The bus stops for a break and Aanchal feeds the kids and gets to know them. When she asks about their mother, Ayush lies that she is in Mumbai. Aanchal tells them to go back home as their father will be worried. They agree and Aanchal takes them back. They arrive at the Tyagi household where the family members were worried about the children. Siddharth doesn't be at home as he was looking for the kids so Aanchal meets the other family members. They apologise to her for taking the trouble to bring them back, but Aanchal dismisses this. In a conversation with Siddharth's father, he tells her that the children's mother is dead and the children do not know of this. He shows Aanchal Jaya's photograph and she is shocked to discover the children's mother is Jaya whose death was responsible because of her. She is filled with tremendous guilt.

Siddharth's father reveals that he is finding a tutor for the kids to home school them and Aanchal wanting to make up for her actions decide to be their tutor. The children are not happy at first but later come around to the idea. Juhi and Sachin know that their mother is dead as no one speaks of her and Siddharth calms them. Aanchal grows closer to the children as she tutors them. They begin to like her especially Sachin. Siddharth and Aanchal happen to meet for the first time and Aanchal introduces herself as the children's tutor. Aanchal sometimes is unable to speak to Siddharth properly as she still feels guilty. On Aanchal's birthday, the children and Dheeraj's son Lucky, plan to throw her a party. Aanchal is overwhelmed to see this and the kids give her presents. However, when Sachin gives his gift it is so picture of Jaya and Aanchal which on Jaya's photo it says 'maa' and on Aanchal's it says 'teacher maa'. The whole family is shocked to see this especially Siddharth's step mother and sister in law, Chanchal who do not like Aanchal because of her close bond to the kids and family members. She and Lalita conspire against Aanchal on many occasions. Ayush gets really angry and starts to hate Aanchal as he thinks she's replacing his mother and he convinces Juhi the same which she begins to hate Aanchal too and the duo humiliate her often. Sachin grows even closer to Aanchal and loves her dearly. Siddharth and Aanchal soon grow close to each other after he offers to help her with her fashion designs as his company works for the same. Siddharth's father and Dheeraj wishes Siddharth and Aanchal to marry and they tell this to Siddharth who is angry and says nobody can replace Jaya. Aanchal overhears this conversation and also feels angry as she doesn't wish to take Jaya's place. Siddharth and Sachin continue to grow closer to Aanchal while Ayush and Juhi continue to hate her more especially after Jaya's mother passes away and they blame Aanchal as Jaya's mother saw Aanchal last. However, this is not true because the Tyagi family visited Jaya's family and Aanchal grew close to Jaya's mother who saw Jaya in Aanchal. Chanchal also blames Aanchal for her aunt's death.

Soon, after seeing how close and her love for the children, Siddharth proposes to Aanchal not because he loves her but because he wants Aanchal to be a mother to the children. Aanchal, Haryaman, Dheeraj and Sachin are extremely happy whilst Lalita, Chanchal, Ayush and Juhi are furious. Therefore, Aanchal leaves her dreams of becoming a fashion designer to become a wife and mother. Aanchal and Siddharth marry much to the frustration of Sudeep, who is a doctor and has always been in love with Aanchal. He tries to ruin the wedding but fails. Soon, after their marriage life is still not the same as Ayush and Juhi still hate their new mother but Aanchal and Siddharth slowly fall in love. One day, Lalita and Chanchal throw Aanchal out the house but Siddharth and Sachin leave with her but Ayush and Juhi don't want to join them so Siddharth angrily cut ties with them. After a while, Aanchal and Siddharth find out they are expecting a child which makes Siddharth overjoyed and Aanchal disappointed as the children still have not accepted her. She secretly plans an abortion behind Siddharth’s back as she wants the children to accept her first. Siddharth finds out and is angry but gets why she did this. Aanchal and Siddharth decide to keep the baby to see how things go. One day, Sachin gets into an accident which makes him crippled whilst he was in Aanchal’s care. Lalita and Chanchan taunt her and says she won’t be able to look after her own child if she can’t handle others. Siddharth and Aanchal do their best to help Sachin and make him feel better. After a few months, Aanchal finally gives birth to a baby boy whom she names Jai. Seeing as the children have not accepted her yet she gives Jai to her uncle and aunty for them to look after him as her main priority is for the children to accept her and doesn’t want to cause any problems. Aanchal and Siddharth stay away from their newborn son for a while and focus on Sachin’s progress. Meanwhile, Aanchal gets a job offer to be a fashion designer and she is elated but she rejects it as she loves her family more than anything and they are her main priority. One day, Juhi sees Jaya in a dream and she tells her to accept Aanchal and treat her as a mother. Juhi explains her dream to Ayush but he rebuffs her. Nonetheless, Juhi decides to accept Aanchal and finally calls her mum. Lalita and Chanchan finally realise their mistakes as they come to know Aanchal sacrificed a lot for their family and is actually a good person. Ayush witnesses this and also believes Aanchal is innocent and a kind-hearted person. In a festival party, Ayush appears with his brother, Jai and hands him over to Aanchal. He apologises to Aanchal and tells her not to give up on Jai because of them. He delivers a speech in front of everyone and calls Aanchal mum. She is overwhelmed with happiness. In the last scene, Aanchal sees Jaya in the sky as she waved goodbye to her. The whole family are finally reunited and live happily.


  • Megha Gupta as Aanchal Siddharth Tyagi, Siddharth's second wife, Jai's mother, Ayush, Juhi and Sachin's step-mother.
  • Sameer Dharmadhikari as Siddharth Tyagi, Aanchal and Jaya's husband, Ayush, Juhi, Sachin and Jai's father.
  • Lata Sabharwal as Jaya Siddharth Tyagi, Siddharth's first wife, Ayush, Juhi and Sachin's mother (deceased).
  • Abir Goswami as Dheeraj Tyagi, Siddharth's half-brother
  • Indu Verma as Chanchan Tyagi, Siddharth’s sister in law, Jaya’s paternal cousin
  • Pramthesh Mehta as Hariman Tyagi, Siddharth and Dheeraj’s father
  • Kiran Bhargava as Lalita Devi Hariman Tyagi, Dheeraj's mother, Siddharth's step-mother
  • Neeraj Kshetarpal as Aanchal's Mama
  • Leena Prabhu as Aanchal's Mami
  • Rajat Wats as Manu, Aanchal's cousin brother
  • Uday Tikekar as Ramakant, Jaya's father, Siddharth's ex father in law
  • Nishigandha Wad as Bharti, Jaya’s mother, Siddharth’s ex mother in law
  • Shailesh Datar as Ravikant, Chanchan’s father, Jaya’s paternal uncle
  • Aman Sondhi as Dr Sudeep, a doctor who was obsessed with Aanchal
  • Unknown as Ayush Tyagi, Siddharth and Jaya’s eldest son, Aanchal’s step-son, Juhi, Sachin and Jai’s elder brother
  • Ayushi Shah as Juhi Tyagi, Siddharth and Jaya's daughter, Aanchal's step-daughter, Ayush, Sachin and Jai's sister
  • Krish Karnavat as Sachin Tyagi, Siddharth and Jaya's youngest son, Aanchal's step-son, Ayush, Juhi and Jai's brother


The show was well received by the audiences and gained immense popularity it was NDTV Imagine no 1 show till 2009 when it lost its story track the show highest trp was 1.8 and lowest was 0.5



In 2008

The New Talent Awards

  • Best New TV Personality(Female) - Megha Gupta
  • Best Child Artist - Master Krish


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