Main Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki

Main Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki is an Indian TV show which aired on Life OK from 19 December 2011 to 21 October 2012.

Main Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki
Created byAbhisshek Tiwari
Written by
  • Shashi Mittal
  • Dilip Jha
  • Archita Biswas Jha
  • Shobhit Jaiswal
  • Meenal Jaiswal
Directed by
  • Jai Singh
  • Rishi Tyagi
StarringSee Below
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of episodes258
Producer(s)Shashi Mittal
Sumeet Hukamchand Mittal
Production location(s)Kanpur
CinematographySudesh Kotian
Running time21 minutes approx.
Production company(s)Shashi Sumeet Productions
Original networkLife OK
Picture format
Original release19 December 2011 (2011-12-19) 
21 October 2012 (2012-10-21)
Followed byDream Girl (TV series)
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The show took a leap of eight years where Lakshmi dies giving birth to a baby girl, and the show takes a 7 years leap and focuses on the life of Kanchi, Lakshmi's lookalike.[1]

A sequel titled Dream Girl started airing on 9 March 2015 on Life OK.[2]


This is the story of a middle class woman named Lakshmi (Shraddha Arya). She wants money because her mother died of pneumonia since they couldn't afford her treatment. Her aunt never married because they couldn't afford it.

She dreams of marrying Arjun Agnihotri (Sudeep Sahir) but Lakshmi has only see Arjun once, when she was 9 years old. She doesn't know what he looks like today, because he went to London for 10 years to study. During one of the initial meetings between Arjun and Lakshmi, Arjun learns about Lakshmi's dream of marrying him and becoming rich. In the course of time, Arjun falls in love with Lakshmi but keeps his identity secret under the disguise of Ajay Sharma because he knew if Lakshmi learns about his real identity, she will marry him but just for money. So to make Lakshmi fall for him, he started helping her in every problem and as he lied Lakshmi that he works for Arjun. Lakshmi befriends him so that she could meet Arjun and impress him. Soon, Lakshmi falls for Ajay but just because he was a middle class man she never confessed her love. When she learns about his identity she confesses her love but he thinks she is just behind his money and rejects her. With passing time he realize that her love is true and they both decides to get married. But Rajvardhan Agnihotri (Arbaaz Ali Khan), Arjun's father, didn't accept Lakshmi as she was not rich enough and wanted Arjun to marry his childhood friend, Saumya Diwan (Nisha Rawal).

Rajvardhan and Saumya try their best to stop the marriage but crossing all the hurdles they both get married. Saumya gets obsessed by Arjun and try every single thing to ruin their marriage in the meantime Agnihotri empire gets bankrupt and Agnihotri's loose everything. They all have to shift to Lakshmi's house as theirs no one to help them. This makes Rajvardhan to regret more about getting Arjun married to a middle class girl. They all try their best but could not do anything. Later, It is revealed that this bankruptcy was created by Saumya but nobody knows about this. Lakshmi attend the auction of Agnihotri Mansion and comes to know that Saumya bought the Mansion. Saumya keeps a deal to Lakshmi that if she agrees to share her husband Arjun then she'll name this Mansion and rest of their property to Arjun. Lakshmi agrees this deal but doesn't inform anyone about this.

Everyone thinks that Saumya is doing this just for the sake of their friendship. After shifting to Agnihotri Mansion Saumya asked for her rights on Arjun. Lakshmi informs everyone about their deal. Arjun feels like Lakshmi sold him for money and distance her. But after this, Rajvardhan starts respecting Lakshmi and her sacrifice for the family. Soon, Lakshmi feels neglected and thinks that Arjun loves Saumya and Saumya is right girl for Arjun and Agnihotri family. Lakshmi divorces Arjun and leaves Agnihotri Mansion.

3 Months Later

Arjun and Saumya are about to get married. The family wants Lakshmi back but Arjun is still angry for her deed. Arjun forgives Lakshmi and helps family to get her back. They plans a drama of Arjun getting blind. Doctor says that eye donation is the only option. Lakshmi comes to know about his condition and agrees to donate her eyes but the family acts as they hate her and don't want her eyes and asks Saumya to donate her eyes which she refuse to do so. This make her realize that she doesn't love Arjun and Lakshmi is the one for him. Saumya leaves Arjun and returns to London. Arjun and Lakshmi get remarried.

1 Year Later

Arjun and Lakshmi's daughter, Jiyana Agnihotri, is born. Lakshmi dies just after giving birth to her. She knew about her pregnancy complications but never informed Arjun about this. The only one who knew this was Kishori (Pallavi Rao), Lakshmi's aunt. While she was pregnant she made some video diaries for their child.

7 Years Later

A young woman named Kaanchi Kashyap (Shraddha Arya) who is Lakshmi's look-alike, is introduced. She helps her family run a restaurant. Arjun emphasizes that he will not remarry. Kaanchi says that until she makes her dreams of hers being the best Thali restaurant in Kanpur and establishes her chain of restaurants she won't marry.

Kaanchi and her family go to the mall to purchase items due to discount on 15 August. Jiyana (Roshni Walia) is now a 8-year-old girl and also comes to the mall. A group of thieves steal her chain in which a picture of Arjun and Lakshmi is kept. Kaanchi sees Jiyana chasing the thieves and helps Jiyana get her chain back. Jiyana is astonished that Kaanchi looks like Lakshmi. Kishori and Jiyana find Kaanchi in her restaurant. Jiyana and Kishori invite Kaanchi to see Arjun under the pretext of bringing a delivery. However, their plan fails when Arjun goes to the washroom when Kaanchi is about to go home.

Kaanchi takes her leave from the Agnihotri family. Jiyana sobs at hearing the news. Kaanchi entreats an explanation from Aditya (Aadesh Chaudhary) who fancies her to love somebody else. Arjun sees Kanchi sad and helps her getting Aditya back by giving her a makeover. Arjun pretends to be Kanchi's boyfriend to make Aditya jealous. Meanwhile, Kaanchi sees that she is Lakshmi's look-alike. Due to a marriage hall shortage, Kaanchi and Aditya's family come to Agnihotri Mansion for their wedding. During the event Arjun tries not to show that he started loving Kaanchi; on the other side, Kaanchi realizes that she loves Arjun. When Arjun is leaving for US, Kaanchi gets up from the mandap and runs behind Arjun to stop him and tells him that she loves him.





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