Main Dolomite

Main Dolomite (German: Hauptdolomit, Italian: Dolomia Principale) is a lithostratigraphic unit in the Alps of Europe.

Main Dolomite
Stratigraphic range: Carnian-Norian
Main Dolomite exposed in the Northern Limestone Alps
TypeGeological formation
Thickness0–2,200 m (0–7,218 ft)
RegionLimestone Alps & Apennines
Central Europe
Country Austria


The formation is found in:


It is primarily made of dolomite, ranging from 0 to 2,200 metres (0 to 7,218 ft) in thickness. The formation was deposited in shallow lagoons during the Late Carnian and Early Norian ages of the Late Triassic Epoch in the Triassic Period, during the Mesozoic Era.

Fossil content

Fossil prosauropod tracks have been reported from the formation.[1]

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