Maibara Station

Maibara Station (米原駅, Maibara-eki) is a railway station in Maibara, Shiga, Japan. It is the southern terminus of the West Japan Railway Company (JR West) Hokuriku Main Line, and the boundary of control between JR West and JR Central over the Tōkaidō Main Line.

Maibara Station

West side of the station
LocationMaibara, Shiga
Operated by
Maibara Station
Location within Japan

The station opened on July 1, 1889. Since 1987, its main operator has been JR West, although JR Central administers the Shinkansen tracks.


Station layout


There are three island platforms with six tracks for the Tōkaidō Line and the Hokuriku Line. There are an island platform, a side platform with five tracks for the Tōkaidō Shinkansen.

2, 3  Biwako Line local trains, special rapid service, limited express and express for Kusatsu, Kyoto and Osaka

Kansai Airport limited express Haruka for Kansai Airport

5, 6, 7  Hokuriku Line local trains, special rapid for Tsuruga, Fukui and Kanazawa

limited express Shirasagi for Kanazawa and Toyama

7, 8  Tōkaidō Line local trains, rapid trains, new rapid trains, special rapid trains and limited express Shirasagi for Ogaki, Gifu and Nagoya

limited express Shinano for Matsumoto and Nagano
limited express Hida for Gero and Takayama

11  Tōkaidō Shinkansen Hikari and Kodama for Shin-Ōsaka, Okayama and Hiroshima
12  Tōkaidō Shinkansen Hikari and Kodama for Nagoya, Shin-Yokohama and Tokyo
13  Tōkaidō Shinkansen extra

Ohmi Railway

The Ohmi Railway station consists of one island platform serving two tracks.

1, 2  Main Line
(Hikone Taga-Taisha Line)
for Taga Taisha-mae, Yōkaichi, Ōmi-Hachiman and Kibukawa

Adjacent stations

« Service »
Biwako Line (Tokaido Line)
Terminus   Local (3 doors)   Hikone
Terminus   Special Rapid Service   Hikone
Terminus   Haruka   Hikone
Biwako Line (Hokuriku Line)
Terminus   Local   Sakata
Terminus   Special Rapid Service   Sakata
Tokaido Shinkansen
Gifu-Hashima - Kyoto
Tokaido Line
Samegai   Local   Terminus
Samegai   Semi Rapid (terminating only)   Terminus
Samegai   Rapid   Terminus
Samegai   New Rapid   Terminus
Samegai   Special Rapid   Terminus
Ohmi Railway Main Line
(Hikone Taga-Taisha Line)
Terminus - Fujitec-mae

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