Mahasin mosque attack

The Hofuf attack occurred on 29 January 2016 during Friday prayers at Al-Ridha mosque in the Mahasin district of Al Hofuf, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia. The attack left four people plus the attacker dead and 18 others injured. The attack consisted of a shooting and suicide bombing and was allegedly directed by ISIL.

Hofuf attack
Location of Eastern Province in Saudi Arabia
LocationMahasin, Easter Province, Saudi Arabia
Date29 January 2016
TargetShia Imam Rida mosque
Attack type
Suicide bombing
Deaths4 (not including the perpetrator)
PerpetratorsAbdulraham Abdullah Suleiman al-Tuwaijiri and Talha Hisham Mohammed Abda
No. of participants

The two attackers, Abdurrahman Abdullah Suleiman al-Tuwaijiri (22-year old Saudi citizen) and Talha Hisham Mohammed Abda (Egyptian national), attempted to detonate themselves during Friday prayers at the mosque. Whilst Abdurrahman successfully blew himself up, Talha failed and he was arrested after the attacks.[1][2][3][4][5]

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