A mahallah, mahalla, mahallya, mahalle, mohalla, mehalla, or mehalle (Arabic: محلة maḥalla; Bengali: মহল্লা môhollā; Hindustani: मोहल्ला; محلہ mōhallā; Persian: محله mahalleh; Azerbaijani: Məhəllə; Albanian: mahallë or mahalla, or mëhallë or mëhalla, Bulgarian: махала), is a country subdivision or neighbourhood in parts of the Arab world, Balkans, Western Asia and Indian subcontinent and nearby nations.

Notable mahallahs

Russia and former Soviet Union

A mahalla is an Islamic congregation or parish in Russia and a number of countries once part of the Soviet Union. Typically, a mahalla supports a single mosque. An imam is seen as the spiritual head of a mahalla. A mahalla is directly subordinate to a muhtasib and a territorial muhtasibat. [1]


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