Magritte Award for Best Supporting Actor

The Magritte Award for Best Supporting Actor (French: Magritte du meilleur acteur dans un second rôle) is an award presented annually by the Académie André Delvaux. It is given in honor of an actor who has delivered an outstanding performance in a supporting role while working within the film industry. It is one of the Magritte Awards, which were established to recognize excellence in Belgian cinematic achievements.[1]

Magritte Award for Best Supporting Actor
Presented byAcadémie André Delvaux
First awarded2011
Currently held byArieh Worthalter, Girl (2018)

The 1st Magritte Awards ceremony was held in 2011 with Jan Decleir receiving the award for his role in The Barons.[2] As of the 2019 ceremony, Arieh Worthalter is the most recent winner in this category for his role in Girl.[3]

Winners and nominees

In the list below, winners are listed first in the colored row, followed by the other nominees.


Year Actor English title Original title
Jan DecleirThe BaronsLes Barons
Laurent CapellutoOSS 117: Lost in RioOSS 117: Rio ne répond plus
François DamiensHeartbreakerL'Arnacœur
Benoît PoelvoordeCoco Before ChanelCoco avant Chanel
Yannick RenierPrivate LessonsÉlève libre
Jérémie RenierPotiche
Laurent CapellutoThe Long FallingOù va la nuit
Bouli LannersKill Me Please
Didier ToupyThe GiantsLes Géants
Bouli LannersRust and BoneDe rouille et d'os
Jean-Luc CouchardDead Man Talking
Dieudonné KabongoThe InvaderL'envahisseur
Denis MpungaDead Man Talking
Laurent CapellutoJust a SighLe Temps de l'aventure
Olivier GourmetGrand Central
Bouli Lanners11.6
David MurgiaI Am a Standard SupporterJe suis supporter du Standard
Renaud RuttenA Song for My MotherUne chanson pour ma mère
Jérémie RenierSaint Laurent
François DamiensSuzanne
Olivier GourmetThe MarchersLa Marche
David MurgiaI'll Bury YouJe te survivrai
Laurent CapellutoThe Clearstream AffairL'Enquête
Arno HintjensPrejudice
David MurgiaThe Brand New TestamentLe Tout Nouveau Testament
Marc ZingaDheepan
David MurgiaThe First, the LastLes Premiers, les Derniers
Laurent CapellutoI Am a SoldierJe suis un soldat
Charlie DupontOdd JobUn petit boulot
Sam LouwyckKeeper
Jean-Benoît UgeuxRacer and the JailbirdLe Fidèle
Laurent CapellutoDon't Tell HerFaut pas lui dire
Patrick DescampsThis Is Our LandChez nous
David MurgiaBlind SpotDode Hoek
Arieh WorthalterGirl
Yoann BlancThe Benefit of the DoubtUne Part d'ombre
Bouli LannersAbove the LawTueurs
Pierre NisseLet the Corpses TanLaissez bronzer les cadavres


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