Madsen-Saetter machine gun

The Madsen-Saetter machine gun was a Danish general-purpose machine gun designed in the early 1950s by Eric Larsen-Saetter.

Madsen-Saetter machine gun
Madsen-Saetter on naval mount
TypeGeneral-purpose machine gun
Place of originDenmark
Service history
Used by
Production history
DesignerEric Larsen-Saetter
Mass11.6 kg (25.57 lb)
Length1,290 mm (50.8 in)
Barrel length660 mm (26.0 in)

Cartridge7.62×51mm NATO
.30-06 Springfield
Rate of fire700 - 1000 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity838 m/s (2,749 ft/s)
Feed systembelt
Sightsblade foresight and a tangent notch rearsight

Service history

The machine gun was tested by the British Army but the FN MAG was preferred.[1] Indonesia produced the Mark II version[2] in .30-06[3] under license at Pindad.[4] Salvadoran Army also received Madsen-Saetters in .30-06, some being latter locally modified to fire 7.62×51mm NATO rounds.[5]


  • Madsen-Saetter Mk I[3]
  • Madsen-Saetter Mk II[3]
  • Madsen-Saetter Mk III: more reliable and shorter version, developed from 1959[3]
  • Madsen-Saetter Mk IV: new version, shorter and lighter[3]
  • Madsen-Saetter tank machine gun: prototype of tank-mounted version[6]
  • Masen-Saetter cal. 50 machine gun: prototype of a .50 BMG version[7]

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