Madison Avenue (film)

Madison Avenue is a 1961 CinemaScope drama film directed by H. Bruce Humberstone, starring Dana Andrews, Jeanne Crain and Eleanor Parker. The film was completed in 1960 but was not released immediately. On April 13, 1961, Madison Avenue opened at the Rialto Cinema in London's West End for a two-week run.[1] In late April, the film had a UK general release as part of a double bill with The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come.[2] The film was not seen in the United States until January 1962.

Madison Avenue
Film poster
Directed byH. Bruce Humberstone
Produced byH. Bruce Humberstone
Screenplay byNorman Corwin
Based onThe Build Up Boys
1951 novel
by Jeremy Kirk
Music byHarry Sukman
CinematographyCharles G. Clarke
Edited byBetty Steinberg
Distributed byTwentieth Century Fox
Release date
  • April 13, 1961 (1961-04-13) (UK)
Running time
90 min
CountryUnited States


Clint Lorimer (Dana Andrews) works for an advertising company run by J.D. Jocelyn (Howard St. John). He is fired after Jocelyn finds out that Clint intends to form his own ad agency and steal a top client.

Out of spite, Clint hatches a scheme to turn a small business, Cloverleaf dairy, into a large and prosperous one through advertising. He approaches reporter Peggy Shannon (Jeanne Crain) to write articles about the dairy, then transforms girlfriend Anne Tremaine (Eleanor Parker), a demure colleague, into a glamorous, dynamic promotional whiz. Clint's next step is to turn Cloverleaf's mild-mannered owner, Harvey Ames (Eddie Albert), into a colorful personality to help publicize the business.

The plan comes apart, first when Peggy grows weary of being used professionally, then when Anne sees a reluctance in Clint to commit to a personal future together and leaves him. A chastised Clint comes back to his senses and decides to pursue a missile project as an account he can bring back to J.D.


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