Mad Animals

Mad Animals (Italian:Animali pazzi) is a 1939 Italian comedy film directed by Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia and starring Totò, Luisa Ferida and Calisto Bertramo.[1] It was made at the Titanus Studios in Rome

Mad Animals
Directed byCarlo Ludovico Bragaglia
Produced byCarlo José Bassoli
Gustavo Lombardo
Written byIvo Perilli
Ettore Maria Margadonna
Gaetano Campanile-Mancini
Achille Campanile
Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia
Luisa Ferida
Calisto Bertramo
Lilia Dale
Music byEzio Carabella
Luigi Colacicchi
CinematographyOtello Martelli
Edited byGiacinto Solito
Distributed byODIT
Release date
April 1939
Running time
72 minutes


Baron Tolomeo dei Tolemei is about to receive the inheritance of a relative, just died. The legacy, however, as he wants the will, must go in part to finance a medical structure for crazy animals. Only then Baron Tolomeo may have the rich heritage. The affair proves complicated, because Tolomeo has a love affair with the beautiful Maria Luisa. The troubles continue when in life of Tolomeo breaks his poor twin-brother Antonio, physically like him, who secretly falls in love with Maria Luisa.



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