Maciste in the Lion's Cage

Maciste in the Lion's Cage (Italian:Maciste nella gabbia dei leoni) is a 1926 Italian silent adventure film directed by Guido Brignone[1] and starring Bartolomeo Pagano, Elena Sangro and Luigi Serventi. It was part of the popular Maciste series of films. It was the penultimate film of the silent series, followed by The Giant of the Dolomites (1927)

Maciste in the Lion's Cage
Directed byGuido Brignone
Written byGuido Brignone
StarringBartolomeo Pagano
Elena Sangro
Luigi Serventi
CinematographyAnchise Brizzi
Massimo Terzano
Release date
10 February 1926
Italian intertitles


Maciste is sent to Africa by a circus showman to capture some lions.



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