MV Seaspeed Dora

Seaspeed Dora was a Greek owned roll-on/roll-off ferry which capsized on the discharge berth at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on 1 June 1977.[1][2][3]


  1. Transactions of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects Royal Institution of Naval Architects - 1989 "During the still water capsize of Ro-Ro SEASPEED DORA, on the discharge berth at Jeddah on 1 June 1977, evidence indicated that loosened items of cargo started to move at 17° heel, while some secured cargo items broke loose at 30° ..."
  2. Fairplay International Shipping Weekly 1981- Volume 277 p.43 "The Seaspeed Dora had rolled over because the sill on a bunker door had dipped beneath the surface as a result of a moving load, and the Straitsman had capsized when a corner of an open stern door had submerged as the ship was swung ..."
  3. The New Law Journal -1988 Volume 137 - Page 387 "Seaspeed Dora, at Jeddah in 1977. There were 116 plaintiffs who claimed damages from the defendants, claiming as owners of the goods, or consignees or endorsees of the bills of lading."
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