MV Hero

MV Hero was a roll-on/roll-off cargo ferry which sunk in the North Sea in bad weather in November 1977, with the loss of one crew member, when the stern door lost watertight integrity.[1] The Hero′s pumps could not remove the volumes of water.[2]


  1. Jon Boyce, Stewart Wade, David Tinsley RO-RO ships and their market role - 1980 Page 53 "During the building of the Hero, Lloyds Register raised the question of accessibility of the valve controls in all service conditions ... Another well publicised ro-ro casualty which occurred in July 1977 was the Seaspeed Dora which capsized in ..."
  2. The Weekly Underwriter -1980 Volume 223 - Page 63 "The Hero was lost because, inter alia, the stern door lost its watertight integrity. The Seaspeed Dora, Straitsman, Rollinger and El Temsah all capsized due to fairly simple errors in operation which led to the most serious consequences."

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