MTs 111

The MTs 111 (МЦ 111) is a Soviet and Russian double-barreled high-quality custom hunting shotgun[1][2].

MTs 111
Typedouble barreled shotgun
Place of originUSSR
Production history
ManufacturerTsKIB SOO[1][2]
Mass3.0 - 3.4 kg[1][2]
Barrel length750mm[1][2]

Cartridge12/70mm R[1][2]
Caliber12 gauge[1][2]
ActionBreak action[1]
Rate of firevariable
Sightsiron sights[1][2]


MTs 111 was designed by TsKIB SOO, it is being produced in small numbers[2].

MTs 109 and MTs 111 custom shotguns were the most expensive of all hunting firearms made in USSR. In December 1987, the price of one custom MTs 111 shotgun was between 2100 an 3000 rubles[1].


MTs 111 is a side by side hammerless smoothbore shotgun.[1][2]

It is equipped with safety mechanism and ejector[1][2].

All guns have a walnut shoulder stock (with or without cheekpiece) and fore-end, some of them were decorated with engravings[1][2].


  • MTs 111-01 (МЦ 111-01) - MTs 111 with different trigger mechanism[3]


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