MTs 110

The MTs 110 (МЦ 110) is a family of Soviet and Russian double-barreled high-quality custom hunting shotguns and rifles[2][2][1].

MTs 110
Typedouble barreled shotgun
Place of originUSSR
Production history
ManufacturerTsKIB SOO[1]
Mass2.7 - 3.6 kg[2][1]
Barrel length600mm - 750mm[2][1]

Caliber12, 20 gauge[1]
ActionBreak action[2]
Rate of firevariable
Sightsiron sights[2][1]
optical sight[2][1]


MTs 110 was designed by TsKIB SOO and was produced in small numbers[1].

In December 1987, the price of one custom MTs110 shotgun was 1300 rubles, the price of one MTs 110-07 or MTs 110-09 rifle was 1500 rubles[1].


MTs 110 is an side by side hammerless gun with detachable barrels.[2][1]

It is equipped with safety mechanism and ejector[1].

All guns have a walnut shoulder stock (with or without cheekpiece) and fore-end, some of them were decorated with engravings[2][1].

MTs 110 hunting rifles can be equipped with optical sight[1] PO-4×34 (ПО-4×34)[2].


  • MTs 110-07 (МЦ 110-07) - 7.62×51mm hunting rifle with 600mm barrels (3.6 kg)[2][1]
  • MTs 110-09 (МЦ 110-09) - 9×53mmR double-barreled hunting rifle with 600mm barrels (6 right grooves), 3.6 kg[2][1]
  • MTs 110-12 (МЦ 110-12) - a 12/70 smoothbore double-barreled hunting shotgun with 750mm barrels (3.1 - 3.3 kg)[2][1]
  • MTs 110-20 (МЦ 110-20) - a 20/70 smoothbore double-barreled hunting shotgun with 675mm barrels (2.7 - 2.9 kg)[2][1]


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