MTV Video Music Awards Japan

The MTV Video Music Awards Japan (MTV VMAJ for short) are the Japanese version of the MTV Video Music Awards.

MTV Video Music Awards Japan
Awarded forMusic videos and pop culture
Presented byMTV Japan
First awarded2002

Like the MTV Video Music Awards in the United States, in this event artists are awarded for their songs and videos through online voting from the same channel viewers. Initially Japan was part of the MTV Asia Awards, which included all Asian countries, but because of the musical variety existent in Japan, in May 2002 began to hold their own awards independently.

On June 25, 2011, MTV Video Music Japan changed the 2011 ceremony to MTV Video Music Aid Japan 2011 as a charity event for the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

Since 2017 the winners have been announced by the official Instagram account[1] without previous nominations.

Host cities

Edition Date Venue City Host
1st May 24, 2002 Tokyo International Forum Tokyo London Boots Ichi-gō Ni-gō
2nd May 25, 2003 Saitama Super Arena Saitama Zeebra and Nana Katase
3rd May 23, 2004 Tokyo Bay NK Hall Urayasu Tomomitsu Yamaguchi
4th May 29, 2005 Takashi Fujii and Megumi
5th May 27, 2006 Yoyogi National Gymnasium Tokyo Mokomichi Hayami and Masami Hisamoto
6th May 26, 2007 Saitama Super Arena Saitama Misaki Ito and Hidehiko Ishizuka
7th May 31, 2008 Cyril
8th May 30, 2009 Gekidan Hitori
9th May 29, 2010 Yoyogi National Gymnasium Tokyo N/A
10th June 25, 2011 Makuhari Messe Chiba AKB48
11th June 23, 2012 Perfume
12th June 22, 2013 Nobuaki Kaneko and Atsuko Maeda
13th June 14, 2014 Maihama Amphitheater Sayumi Michishige
14th November 26, 2015 act*square Tokyo Verbal
15th October 26, 2016 Shinkiba STUDIO COAST Rip Slyme
16th September 27, 2017 Ken Ayuga & JOANN
17th October 10, 2018
18th September 18, 2019 Hinatazaka46

Awards categories

Most wins

Most wins in a single night

ArtistYearNumber of awardsMusic video
Gen Hoshino20173"Family Song"(2), Koi
Lady Gaga2011"Born This Way"
Exile2010"Futatsu no Kuchibiru" (1); Aisubeki Mirai e (1); MTV Icon Award (for Exile)
2009"Ti Amo (Chapter2)" (2); Best Choreography Award (for Exile)
2008"I Believe" (1); Exile Love (1); "Toki no Kakera" (1)
Kumi Koda2007"Yume No Uta" (2); Best Stylish Artist in a Video (1)
2006"Butterfly" (2); "Trust You" (1)
Orange Range2005"Hana" (1); MusiQ (1); "Rocoroshon" (1)
Ayumi Hamasaki2004"Because of You" (1); "No Way to Say" (1); Best Live Performance (for Ayumi Hamasaki)
Rip Slyme2003"Rakuen Baby" (2); "Funkastic" (1)

Most wins overall

Updated till 2019.

Rank 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Artist Namie Amuro Exile Gen Hoshino Utada Hikaru
Kumi Koda
Rip Slyme
Daichi Miura Ken Hirai
Lady Gaga
Orange Range
One Ok Rock
Ayumi Hamasaki
Ariana Grande
Mika Nakashima
Shōnan no Kaze
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
Kana Nishino
Sandaime J Soul Brothers
Total awards 17 11 8 7 6 5 4


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