MTV (Lithuania & Latvia)

MTV Lithuania & Latvia was a twenty-four-hour music and entertainment channel operated by MTV Networks Europe. The channel was originally formed in September 2006 at Lithuania, at January 2009 it got re-formed to double channel including both Lithuania and Latvia and targeted audiences in Lithuania and Latvia.[1]

MTV Lithuania & Latvia
MTV logo
LaunchedSeptember 4, 2006
January 2009again
ClosedNovember 18, 2009
Owned byMTV Networks Europe / Ananey Communications Ltd.
Sister channel(s)MTV Estonia


  • In 2006, MTV Networks Europe established MTV Networks Baltic a new broadcasting service which provided localized channels for Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. MTV Networks Baltic launched three separate channels within the region in September, 2006. Initially, MTV Networks Baltic comprised MTV Latvia, MTV Lithuania and MTV Estonia. But due to financial difficulties with the region heightened by the global economic downturn, MTV Networks International merged MTV Latvia and MTV Lithuania to form MTV Lithuania and Latvia in January 2009.

MTV Estonia remained as stand alone channel.

  • The first video to air on MTV in the Baltic region was Justice vs. Simian – "We Are Your Friends".
  • In 2008, MTV Networks International signed a new licensing agreement with Israeli Communications company Ananey Communications to continue to operate and manage the MTV brand within the Baltic Region.[2]
  • The channel ceased broadcasting on November 18, 2009.[3]
  • As of November 18, 2009 MTV Europe has replaced MTV Baltic channels.
  • Lithuania receives MTV Europe and other Viacom international channels, distributed by "Starworks LT".


The channel combined local and international music, as well as MTV's trademark shows such as Pimp My Ride, Celebrity Deathmatch and Wildboyz which were shown with subtitles in Lithuanian. The network also aired local programmes as European Top 20, Baltic Top 20, Dance Floor Chart, MTV Oops and MTV Supermercado. Prior to closing, it had launched a reality show live from the MTV Lietuva headquarters, the humour show Baltish and Pimp My Ride Baltic were created by MTV Lietuva. Lithuanian MTV VJs are VJ Ugnė, VJ Jonas and twins VJ Artūras and VJ Robertas.

Local shows

Former local shows

  • Baltish
  • Ežio stažas
  • MTV Oops
  • Pimp My Ride Baltic
  • MTV Supermercado
  • MTV Rainbow
  • Celebrities chart
  • MTV B-Day
  • MTV News. 7 days
  • Music Download Chart Top 10

Pan-European shows

Shows imported from MTV Networks US

Other shows

Other former shows

  • Rise and Shine
  • Don't Stop The Music
  • Popular Music
  • Superock
  • The Block
  • Patyzone
  • Superpop

Other projects

  • Coca-Cola Soundwave (seasonal)
  • Pradėk nuo savęs
  • No Smoking Power
  • MTV Exit
  • MTV Fanwalk
  • Ežio inkubatorius

Change in format

MTV Networks Europe originally launched separate MTV channels in Lithuania (MTV Lietuva) and Latvia (MTV Latvija) in September 2006. Both channels offered a mixture of local and international content. Due to the global recession and its impact on Latvia, MTV Networks Baltic merged both channels to form MTV Lietuva & Latvija this channel will operate for the foreseeable future until the economic crisis is rectified.[4] MTV Lietuva & Latvija and MTV Estonia ceased operations on November 18, 2009 and have been replaced by the original MTV Europe channel.


  • Mantas Stonkus
  • Jonas Bačelis

Past VJs

  • Ugnė Skonsmanaitė
  • Artūras Mediuška
  • Robertas Mediuška
  • DJ Sezzy
  • Orinta Servaitė
  • Silvija Vilkaitė
  • Tomas Sinickis
  • Andrius Afanasjev
  • Jurgis Didžiulis
  • Artūras Burnickis


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