The MEKO family of warships was developed by the German company Blohm+Voss. MEKO is a registered trademark. The portmanteau stands for "Mehrzweck-Kombination" (English: multi-purpose-combination). It is a concept in modern naval shipbuilding based on modularity of armament, electronics and other equipment, aiming at ease of maintenance and cost reduction. MEKO ships include families of frigates, corvettes and ocean-going patrol boats. Construction of MEKO ships began in the late 1970s with the design and later building of Nigeria's MEKO 360 H1. Vessels of similar classes use different weapons systems. For example, for the main gun, some MEKO 200s use the Mk 45 Mod 2 gun, others use the French 100 mm naval gun or Otobreda 76 mm gun.[1]

The latest variant is the "Combat Ship for the Littorals" or MEKO CSL. It has also been called a "Littoral Combatant Ship", but it is much smaller than the American Littoral Combat Ship (LCS).[2] There was speculation that this design would be of interest to Israel,[3][4] but it was not.[5] Ultimately however, Israel opted for four modified K130 Braunschweig-class corvettes, the first of which is expected to enter service in 2019. The new variant is dubbed the Sa'ar 6-class corvette.[6] Four extended versions of MEKO A-100 light frigate vessels would be supplied for Brazilian Navy between 2023 and 2026. The consortium is formed by Germany's Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems, Embraer Defense & Security and Atech, a subsidiary of the Embraer Group. The construction of the vessels, which are more than 100 meters long, should be made at the Oceana shipyard in Itajaí.[7]


TypeClassCountryNumberDeliveryWeightLength o.a. (m)Beam (m)Draught (m)Main gunSAMASMImage
MEKO 360 H1Aradu Nigeria119813,360 tons125.8015.004.30Otobreda 127/54 CompactAspideOtomat
MEKO 360 H2Almirante Brown Argentina41983–19843,360 tons125.8015.004.30Otobreda 127/54 CompactAspideExocet
MEKO 140 A16Espora Argentina61985–20021,560 tons91.2011.003.33Otobreda 76 mmExocet
MEKO 200 TNYavuz Turkey41987–19893,030 tons110.5014.204.14Mk 45 Mod 2 gunRIM-7Harpoon
MEKO 200 PNVasco da Gama Portugal31991–3,400 tons115.9014.804.10French 100 mm naval gunRIM-7Harpoon
MEKO 200 HN [8]Hydra Greece419923,360 tons117.0014.804.10Mk 45 Mod 2 gunRIM-162Harpoon
MEKO 200 II-ABarbaros Turkey21995–3,100 tons116.7014.804.10Mk 45 Mod 2 gunRIM-7, RIM-66Harpoon
MEKO 200 ANZACAnzac Australia
 New Zealand
8 (Aus)
2 (NZ)
1996–20043,500 tons118.0014.804.10Mk 45 Mod 4 gunRAN: RIM-162,
RNZN: RIM-7, Phalanx Block 1
RAN: Harpoon
RNZN: None

MEKO 200 TN II-BSalih Reis Turkey21998–3,100 tons118.0014.804.30Mk 45 Mod 2 gunRIM-7Harpoon
MEKO A-200 SANValour South Africa42003–3,700 tons121.0016.344.40Otobreda 76 mmUmkhontoExocet
MEKO 100 RMNKedah Malaysia62004–20101,850 tons91.1012.853.40Otobreda 76 mm &
30 mm Breda-Mauser
MEKO A-100ORP Ślązak Poland+120192,150 tons95.2013.303.60Otobreda 76 mmGrom
Corvette 130Braunschweig Germany52008–1,840 tons88.7512.803.40Otobreda 76 mmRIM-116RBS-15
Frigate 123Brandenburg Germany41994–19963,600 tons138.8516.704.35Otobreda 76 mmRIM-116, RIM-7Exocet, RBS-15
Frigate 124Sachsen Germany32002–5,690 tons143.0017.444.86Otobreda 76 mmRIM-116, RIM-162, RIM-66Harpoon
Frigate 125Baden-Württemberg Germany+42016-7,200 tons149.5218.805.00Otobreda 127 mmRIM-116Harpoon
MEKO A-200 ANErradi[9] Algeria+22016-????Otobreda 127 mmUmkhonto IRRBS-15
Heavily modified K130 Braunschweig-class corvette.[10][11] Sa'ar 6  Israel 4 end of 2019 or early 2020[12] 2,000 tons (approx.) 90.00 (approx.) 12.44 (approx.) 3.40 OTO Melara 76 mm Barak-8, C-Dome Harpoon
MEKO A-100 extended and modified for the Brazilian Navy.[13]Tamandaré Brazil42023-20263,455 tons107.215.955.2OTO Melara 76 mmSea Ceptor CAMMExocet, MANSUP


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