The SX was a family of high-mobility off-road tactical trucks manufactured by Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles GmbH (RMMV). Production had concluded by early 2019. The SX range has its design origins in the MAN KAT1 (occasionally presented MAN Cat 1) range of trucks, and for a brief period was marketed as the S2000 range of trucks. MAN (now RMMV) claimed it was the most mobile and reliable truck on earth.

Photographed at Gilze-Rijen Air Base, the Netherlands, a MAN SX 8x8
Type8×8, 6×6, and 4×4 off-road trucks
Place of originGermany
Service history
Used byAlgeria, Austria (badged OAF), Denmark, Germany, Italy, Kuwait, Lithuania, Norway, Oman, Slovenia, Sweden, UAE and the UK. In some instances numbers were small.
Production history
ManufacturerMAN SE / RMMV

EngineMAN diesel
Suspensioncoil spring

For clarity, RMMV is a 49%/51% joint venture established in January 2010 between MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG (now MAN Truck & Bus) and Rheinmetall AG.

There were 8×8, 6×6, and 4×4 variants, although during later production runs only 6×6 and 8×8 variants were produced. All SX trucks are air-transportable by C-130 Hercules in cargo configuration, with limited preparation in some instances. A 10×10 demonstrator was also built, with a 1000 hp engine, but this did not enter production.

The SX range shared some technologies (most visibly, the cab) with the HX family, and also the earlier FX and LX families.

The UK MoD ordered large numbers of SX and MAN HX trucks to replace fleets of Foden, Bedford, and DAF Trucks. 7285 had been ordered by April 2010.

An 8x8 heavy recovery version has also been built; the UK MoD ordering 288.

An airport firefighting version was also made;[1] firefighting equipment is supplied by Ziegler and Rosenbauer.[2]

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