The MAN NG272 was a low floor articulated single-decker bus built by MAN Nutzfahrzeuge from 1990 until 1992. It was an articulated development from the MAN NL202. Especially sold in Europe, in particular in Germany, it was replaced by the MAN NG272(2) (A11) in 1992.

ManufacturerMAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG
Body and chassis
ClassCommercial vehicle
Body styleLow floor articulated bus
Doors2 to 4 doors
Floor typeLow floor
RelatedMercedes-Benz O405G/ GN
EngineMAN D 5865 LUH
TransmissionVoith DIWA 864.4 / ZF 5HP Automatic
Wheelbase3 axles, 5,875 mm / 6,265 mm
Length17,940 mm
Width2,500 mm
Height2,872 mm
Curb weight28,000 kg
PredecessorMAN SG242
SuccessorMAN NG272(2)


MAN Nutzfahrzeuge presented the NG272 in 1990 as a development in articulated buses from the previous model, the MAN SG242, a year later than the rigid body NL202. Both were constructed to the VöV-Standard-Bus standards. Production continued until 1992, when the model was superseded by the NG272(2) (A11). The new model changed the original pillar seat supports which allowed the windows in the front section to be lowered, but otherwise remained visually very similar.

Most NG272s were fitted with MAN D 2865 LUH[1] engines in the rear, coupled to drive the rear axle via either a Voith DIWA 864.4 or a ZF 5HP fully automatic transmission.[1] Its use of a low floor articulated configuration, being available with 3 or 4 doors and having a capacity of 51 seated and 111 standing in standard configuration[1] made them a good choice for inner-city bus operators.

The majority of NG272's have been retired from service in most transport companies, remaining operational mainly in private ownership or abroad.

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