MAN LX and FX ranges of tactical trucks

The LX and FX are ranges of purpose-designed tactical military trucks manufactured by what is now Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV). They were replaced in production by the HX range.[1][2]


Production of the LX range ran from 1988 until 2004. Production of the FX range ran from 1990 until around 2005. Both ranges were replaced by the HX range.[3]

LX, FX and HX[1] ranges were available/remain available alongside the SX range of high mobility tactical trucks.[3]

LX and FX trucks were manufactured by MAN. HX trucks are manufactured by RMMV. In 2009 Germany’s MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG (now MAN Truck & Bus) and Rheinmetall AG announced their respective intentions to form a joint wheeled military vehicles company, this becoming a reality in January 2010. RMMV[2] is essentially the merger of Rheinmetall's wheeled military vehicle activities with the military truck business of MAN. The merger brings together MAN's automotive expertise in volume commercial vehicle manufacture with Rheinmetall's technological know-how in the military land sector/systems field.[3]

LX range

Introduced in 1988, the LX range was designed to be relatively light weight, C-130 Hercules transportable, and possess a good level of cross country mobility.[3]

LX range were based on MAN's then current M2000 medium weight commercial truck chassis, these modified and militarized as required. Two- and three-axle chassis were available, these having maximum carrying capacities including body/superstructure of 3.5- to 10-tonnes.[3]

On three axle chassis the rear axle pair are not sprung by the more conventional shared inverted leaf spring, but are sprung individually by leaf springs. According to the manufacturer this is a more complex option but it does improve off-road mobility.[3]

MAN's modular military cab was fitted to all LX models. To keep the overall height as low as possible, MAN's small block diesel engines were fitted. Engines were located in the standard place, but the cooling pack was situated behind the cab.[3]

The LX range was replaced in production from 2004 by the MAN TG-based HX range. The LX range was occasionally presented as LX 2000.[3]

FX range

Introduced in 1990, the FX[1] range complemented the lighter LX range and was designed for heavier gross vehicle and gross combination weights.[3]

The FX range were initially based on chassis from MAN's F90 heavy commercial range, production of which ran from 1986-1992. From 1992 onwards, FX range trucks were based on the F2000 heavy commercial range.[3]

All FX range trucks were fitted with MAN's modular military cab and most had a conventionally positioned engine. The cooling pack, and for certain applications (heavy tractor trucks for example) the engine, was located behind the cab.[3]

The MAN FX range of tactical trucks was replaced in production from 2005 by the MAN TG-based HX range.[3]

The FX range was occasionally presented as FX 2000.[3]


LX range

FX range

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