M.I.N.K. Collegiate Baseball League

The M.I.N.K. Collegiate Baseball League is a collegiate summer baseball league consisting of nine teams. Currently, six teams are from Missouri, two from Iowa and one from Kansas. The league was formed in 2009 and is affiliated within the National Baseball Congress.

M.I.N.K. Collegiate Baseball League
PresidentKy Turner
No. of teams9 (as of December 7, 2019)
Countries United States
ContinentNorth America
Most recent
St. Joseph Mustangs
Official websitehttp://www.minkleaguebaseball.com

League Notes

The M.I.N.K. name derives from an early minor league baseball league of the same name that disbanded in 1913. That league used the acronym M.I.N.K., as teams were represented by Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas.[1][2]

The league included the following teams for 2019: Chillicothe Mudcats, Clarinda A's, Jefferson City Renegades, Joplin Outlaws, Nevada Griffons, Ozark Generals, St. Joseph Mustangs and Sedalia Bombers. St. Joseph captured the 2019 Championship[3]

In November, 2019, The M.I.N.K. Collegiate Baseball League announced that Des Moines, Iowa and Chanute, Kansas would join the M.I.N.K in 2020, forming a nine team league, with the departure of the Ozark Generals.[4]

The MINK League hosts an annual All-Star game and corresponding Home Run Derby. The 2019 game and derby were held in St. Joseph.[5]

The Carroll Merchants moved from the MINK to the Pioneer Collegiate Baseball League after the 2015 season.[6][7] The Branson Merchants, Excelsior Springs Cougars and the Ohmha Diamond Spirit are other former league teams.[8][9]

The league notes that: "All MINK Baseball League players are unpaid in order to maintain their NCAA eligibility. Each team is operated in a similar to a professional minor league baseball team, providing players an opportunity to play under the same conditions using wood bats, minor league specification baseballs, experiencing overnight road trips and playing an intense summer league schedule."[10]

Prior to the M.I.N.K., the Clarinda A's won the 1981 National Baseball Congress World Series. The Nevada Griffons were runners up in 1997 & 1998.[11][12]

2020 Team Location Stadium Website
ChanuteChanute, KansasTBATBA
Chillicothe MudcatsChillicothe, MissouriShaffer Stadiumhttp://www.chillicothemudcats.com
Clarinda A'sClarinda, IowaEberly Fieldhttp://www.clarindaiowa-as-baseball.org
Des Moines ProspectsDes Moines, IowaTBATBA
Jefferson City RenegadesJefferson City, MissouriVivion Stadiumhttp://www.jeffcityrenegades.com
Joplin OutlawsJoplin, MissouriJoe Becker Stadiumhttp://www.joplinoutlaws.com
Nevada GriffonsNevada, MissouriLyons Stadiumhttp://www.nevadagriffons.org
St. Joseph MustangsSt. Joseph, MissouriPhil Welch Stadiumhttp://www.stjoemustangs.com
Sedalia BombersSedalia, MissouriLiberty Park Stadiumhttp://www.sedaliabombers.com

Map of teams

Chanute, Kansas
Chillicothe Mudcats
Clarinda A's
Des Moines Prospects
Jefferson City Renegades
Joplin Outlaws
St. Joseph Mustangs
Current team locations:
  2019 MINK Teams

Notable alumni


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