M'Lord of the White Road

M'Lord of the White Road is a 1923 British silent adventure film directed by Arthur Rooke and starring Victor McLaglen, Marjorie Hume and James Lindsay.[1]

M'Lord of the White Road
Directed byArthur Rooke
Written byCedric D. Fraser (novel)
Kinchen Wood
StarringVictor McLaglen
Marjorie Hume
James Lindsay
I.B. Davidson
Distributed byGranger Films
Release date
November 1923
CountryUnited Kingdom
English intertitles


  • Victor McLaglen as Lord Annerley / John
  • Marjorie Hume as Lady Glorie
  • James Lindsay as Sir Humphrey Clayville
  • Fred Wright as Master Peter
  • Mary Rorke as Lady Collingway
  • George Turner as Tom Brown
  • Bert Osborne as Greppletight
  • Bob Reed as Greenleaf
  • Bertie White as Bushworthy
  • Harry Newbold as Aylesbury


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