Máel Coluim I, Earl of Fife

Mormaer Máel Coluim of Fife (1204–1228), or Maol Choluim anglicised as Malcolm, was one of the more obscure mormaers of Fife.

He married Matilda, the daughter of Gille Brigte, the mormaer of Strathearn. He is credited with the foundation of Culross Abbey. Upon the death of Máel Coluim I, probably in 1228, he was succeeded by his nephew Máel Coluim II, son of Máel Coluim I's brother Donnchadh, son of Donnchadh II.[1]


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Preceded by
Donnchadh II
Mormaer of Fife
Succeeded by
Máel Coluim II
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