Lyudmila Shagalova

Lyudmila Alexandrovna Shagalova (Russian: Людмила Александровна Шагалова; April 6, 1923 – March 13, 2012) was a Russian film supporting actress, active during the Soviet era.[1] She was named a People's Artist of Russia in 1977.

Shagalova was born in Rahachow, Gomel Governorate, RSFSR, now Belarus. Her Soviet cinema credits include The Young Guard in 1948, for which she and rest of the film's cast won a Stalin Prize. Other films include Balzaminov's Marriage in 1964, and the Wounded Game in 1977. Her husband Vyacheslav Shumsky (1921–2011) was an award-winning cinematographer.

Shagalova died on March 13, 2012, at the age of 88.[1] Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin released a statement in response to her death saying, "An actress of great talent who had a considerable impact on the history of the national film art. Many generations will always love the images created by her."[2]

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