LynxSecure is a least privilege real-time Separation kernel Hypervisor from Lynx Software Technologies designed for safety and security critical applications found in military, avionic, industrial, and automotive markets. LynxSecure features a very unusual kernel architecture that departs from traditional unix-like OS and micro kernels. LynxSecure abstracts all exception handling, APIs, I/O services, up into user space. The stripped down design aims to raise assurance of the host by removing the possibility of CPU privilege escalation and provide extremely tight control over CPU scheduling.

LicenseProprietary software

LynxSecure supports paravirtualized Linux and LynxOS real-time operating systems, as well as full virtualization of the Windows operating system.

LynxSecure is built to conform to the MILS (Multiple Independent Levels of Security) architecture so that virtualization can be used in embedded systems with requirements for high assurance.

By default, LynxSecure uses an ARINC 653-based fixed-cyclic scheduler to manage processing time, but dynamic scheduling policies are also permitted.

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