Lycée français international de Kyoto

Lycée Français International de Kyoto (京都国際フランス学園, Kyōto Kokusai Furansu Gakuen) or LFIK (French International School Kyoto) is a private French international school founded and managed by a parents school board (APEK) accredited by the AEFE (Agence pour l'enseignement Français à l’Étranger) (Agency for French Education Abroad)

Lycée Français International de Kyoto
Lycée Français International de Kyoto
Lycée Français International de Kyoto
411 Motoshinmeicho
Tominokojidôri Gojo agaru

School typePrivate School Under Contract
School boardAPEK
School districtKansai
Educational authorityMinistère de l'Education Nationale
DirectorEmmanuel Resbeut
GradesPreschool to Senior High School

The school is located in the Yurin district near Kyoto Station and delivers a teaching in conformity with the education program of the French Ministry of National Education just like any schools in France, while serving levels from Preschool through Senior High School.

The French International School Kyoto is an institution recognized by the Ministry of National Education.

In 2017, the LFK becomes LFIK, French International School Kyoto, with 145 students.


Initially known as École Française du Kansai or EFK (関西フランス学院) Kansai Furansu Gakuin[1].

Later the name changed to Lycée Français de Kyoto (French School of Kyoto), LFK (リセ・フランセ・ド・京都) Rise Furanse do Kyōto[2].

It was founded in 1996,[3] and formerly resided in the Taiken Elementary School in Kamigyo-ku[4].

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