Lust in the Dust

Lust in the Dust is a 1985 Western comedy film starring Tab Hunter, Divine, Cesar Romero, and Lainie Kazan, and directed by Paul Bartel.

Lust in the Dust
Theatrical release poster
Directed byPaul Bartel
Produced byAllan Glaser
Tab Hunter
Written byPhilip John Taylor
StarringTab Hunter
Lainie Kazan
Music byPeter Matz
CinematographyPaul Lohmann
Edited byAlan Toomayan
Fox Run Productions
Distributed byNew World Pictures
Release date
March 1, 1985 (1985-03-01)
Running time
84 minutes
CountryUnited States
Budget$2.5 million[1]


Dance-hall girl Rosie Velez (Divine), lost in the desert, is helped to safety by gunman Abel Wood (Tab Hunter). In the town of Chili Verde, at the saloon of Marguerita Ventura (Lainie Kazan), word of a treasure in gold brings Abel into conflict with outlaw Hard Case Williams (Geoffrey Lewis) and his gang.



The title was taken from the nickname given to King Vidor's 1946 film Duel in the Sun.[2]

John Waters was asked to direct, but refused because he did not write the script.

Edith Massey was cast as Big Ed, but died shortly after her screen test. Bartel was uneasy about casting her because he thought it would look too much like a John Waters film without John Waters.

The role of Marguerita was originally set for Chita Rivera.

Principal photography took place in Santa Fe, New Mexico.[3]

In the original script, Rosie was supposed to die but the filmmakers changed their mind during filming.[1]


All songs composed by Karen Hart[4]
  1. "Tarnished Tumbleweed" – Mike Stull
  2. "These Lips Were Made for Kissin'" Divine
  3. "South of My Border" Lainie Kazan


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