Luis Enrique Vergara

Luis Enrique Vergara made low-budget horror and monster movies from 1950 to 1971. In attempt to please all film goers, he combined monsters and horror with action, sex, science fiction, and comedy. To save money, he often wrote the screenplay as well as producing the films from his Filmica Vergara Cinecomisiones, a film production company he founded in 1952.

Luis Enrique Vergara
Luis Enrique Vergara Cabrera

(1922-05-13)May 13, 1922
Mexico City, Mexico
Died2 February 1970(1970-02-02) (aged 47)
Resting placeMexico City
Spouse(s)Leonor Aguado

During the two decades that Vergara wrote and produced films he worked with actors and actresses including Susana Dosamantes, Macaria, Altia Michel, Isela Vega, John Carradine, and Boris Karloff. He produced the last four films in which Boris Karloff appeared: The Snake People, The Incredible Invasion, Fear Chamber, and House of Evil. Bill Warren, the science-fiction historian, was on the set during the filming; he reported that Vergara forced the director of the American sequences Jack Hill to tie down with a rope “an early portable video camera to the top of the 35mm Mitchell he was using as his principal camera”, a relatively early example of the "video assist" which is now standard practice in commercial film production. Due to his unexpected death, the release of the Karloff films was held up due to ownership rights of inheritance under Mexican law.

As a Screenwriter

  • El jugador credited as Luis Enrique Vergara Cabrera
  • El Anima del Ahorcado contra el Latigo Negro 3rd film in a series of 3; Luis Enrique Vergara credited with the story[1]
  • El imperio de Drácula credited as L.E. Vergara C.
  • La sombra del murciélago credited as L.E. Vergara C.
  • House of Evil
  • Fear Chamber
  • Arañas infernales original idea; credited as L.E. Vergara

Films Produced

  • Tierra muerta
  • Traigo mi 45 credited as Luis Enrique Vergara Cabrera
  • El jugador credited as Luis Enrique Cabrera
  • El misterio del látigo
  • El Latigo Negro credited as Luis Enrique Cabrera, production company: Películas Rodríguez, series of 3 movies
  • El Látigo
  • El ánima del ahorcado contra el latigo
  • El hacha diabólica as Luis Enrique Vergara C.
  • Demonio azul
  • Profanadores de tumbas
  • Blue Demon vs. el poder satánico as Luis Enrique Vergara Cabrera
  • El imperio de Drácula as Luis Enrique Vergara C.
  • El barón Brakola as Luis Enrique Vergara C.
  • Demonios sobre ruedas
  • Super Colt 38
  • Paula
  • Pacto diabólico
  • Mil máscaras
  • Las vampiras as Luis Enrique Vergara C.
  • La señora Muerte as Luis Enrique Vergara C.
  • Enigma de muerte as Luis Enrique Vergara C.
  • Matrimonio y Sexo


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