Luhring Augustine Gallery

The Luhring Augustine Gallery is an art gallery in Chelsea in New York City.

The gallery was founded in 1985 by co-owners Lawrence R. Luhring and Roland J. Augustine.[1] Its principal focus is the representation of an international group of contemporary artists whose diverse practices include painting, drawing, sculpture, video and photography.

Each artist of the gallery has exhibited widely in museum and gallery contexts and has been regularly included in international exhibitions such as the Venice Bienniale, The Carnegie International and Documenta. The exhibition program is best characterized by its adherence to a rigorous curatorial model that has incorporated critical monographic exhibitions such as Marcel Duchamp (1987), Gerhard Richter (1995) and Donald Judd (1999), which have served as historical antecedents for the contemporary program of the gallery.

Since its founding, the gallery has also specialized in the resale of select works of art from the 20th century by artists such as Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, Gerhard Richter and Sigmar Polke.

The gallery is a member of the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA).[2] Roland Augustine is the former president of the ADAA, serving from 2006 to 2009.

Notable exhibitions

Janine Antoni's work Gnaw: Lard or Gnaw: Chocolate, the artist gnawing on lard and chocolate and turning them into lipsticks and chocolate boxes, was first exhibited at the gallery in 1992.[3] Paul McCarthy's 1996 installation at the gallery, Yaa-Hoo, featured mechanized mannequins performing sexual acts.[4]


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