Lug (knob)

A lug is a typically flattened protuberance, a handle or extrusion located on the side of a ceramics, jug, glass, vase, or other container. They are sometimes found on prehistoric ceramics and stone containers, such as on pots from Ancient Egypt, Hembury ware, claw beakers, and boar spears.

A lug may also only be shaped as a lip for suspension(no hole). In Ancient Egypt, lugs contained a hole for suspension, with 2 or 3lugged vessels most common.

In Roman times, lugs were on some types of column-sections to aid in construction. After slung by rope into position with a crane, the lugs were then masoned off.

In Japan, Iga ware vases with lugs on each side are called "ears" and are an important feature.

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