Lucy Atkins

Lucy Atkins is an award-winning[1] British author. Her novels The Missing One[2] (2014), The Other Child[3] (2015), and The Night Visitor[4] (2017) are published by Quercus.[5] She has written seven non-fiction books,[6] two of which have won national awards.[7] Her books have been published internationally.[8][9] She has a background in journalism, is a literary critic for The Sunday Times,[10][11] and has written for UK newspapers and magazines, including The Guardian,[12] The Times,[13] The Sunday Times,[14] The Telegraph,[15] Psychologies,[16] Red, Woman & Home and Grazia.[17] chaired an event at a literary festival[18] and has talked about books on BBC Radio Oxford.[19] Lucy has lived in Seattle and Boston, but is now based in Oxford, UK.[20] She is the daughter of the lexicographer B. T. S. Atkins.


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